Interview with Dan

Interview with Dan (@proff1234) Why did you start Working out?..

pic of meInterview with Dan (@proff1234)

Why did you start Working out?

I started training in the gym 6 years ago when i hit a low point in my life and started to gain excessive weight. I have since then worked so hard to lose all the excess weight to achieve my goal physique. After losing all the weight which took me just over a year to get to my goal weight and i looked back and thought surely i could have done it in a quicker time frame so i researched for many years and came up with “cutting weight” i have manged to keep the weight off and stay fit and healthy.

Working out while having a job.

Having a full time job and training 4-5 times a week has been tough but if i can manage it you can.

What is your passion?

I have big passion for weight training/nutrition and have advised my friends, family and seen some great successes that’s why i started Wolvesfitness to give you the my success tips that helped me and my friends/family lose the weight.

What is You’re favourite workout?

I regularly train HIIT cardio which for me is the best cardio you can do short interval training nothing better.

Are you studying anything?

I am currently studying to be a nutrition consultant to offer my customers and the public the best diet and nutrition advice around.

Do you do any work for the community?

I regularly take groups out from our local area for a good session of HIIT training!.

Best Body part.

Biceps i love a good bicep workout, dumbbell bicep curl is my favourite arm exercise.

Worst Body part.

Legs i don’t train them as much as i should do but HIIT training is drastically helping me out in that department.

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