Top 10 Beginner Running Tips To Help You Get Started!

So, you’ve decided you want to start running.

Congrats on your excellent life choice!

But you should know about some important running tips that I and many of my fellow runners follow.

Firstly, you’re probably imagining yourself on your first run: feeling like you’re flying as your hair blows beautifully in the wind, your neighbors all looking out their windows, all jealous of your initiative and motivation.

However, that’s unfortunately not how your first run will go if you don’t plan ahead.

You should know that when it comes to your very first run, it’s not going to be glamorous—at least, not if you jump head-first into it without thinking about it.

You might end up having a bad run that will discourage you.

All runners were beginners at some point, and many of them had to learn these lessons the hard way.

However, if you follow these running tips right away, you’ll get a jump start on the rest!

1. Run for your own reasons

Not because you’re trying to lose weight because someone has called you fat or ugly.

Run because you want to make a positive improvement to your life.

2. Don’t react angrily to stray dogs, motorists or absent minded pedestrians

Getting into a fist fight with someone should be your last recourse when you’re out running.

You’re out there to have fun and enjoy yourself, not to fight everyone and everything in your area.

3. Remember that running outdoors isn’t any harder than treadmill running

It might seem that way at first because of hills, but you’ll soon find that you’ll hit runner’s flow a lot more when you’re in the great outdoors.

It’s hard for me to hit any sort of flow on a treadmill as I’m constantly staring at the mile/time/calories display on the treadmill readout.

4. Hydrate well beforehand

Many beginning runners avoid drinking water beforehand, and you might be tempted to too.

You might think that if you drink too much water before you run, you’ll have to pee or you’ll be too full.

And this might be the case—if you drink a ton of water right before your run.

Instead, drink glasses of water in the hours leading to your run, or you will end up being dehydrated.

After all, you’ll be sweating quite a bit, and you need to replace the fluids in your body.

Dehydration will certainly not make you look like a Greek god(dess)—and it will make your run considerably harder, which is not what anybody needs.

5. You can adjust to running in bad weather

Before I started running I would assume that joggers who went out running in the rain were mentally unhinged.

I could never have pictured myself doing that.

Over time though you adapt to weather and it becomes less of an issue.

You gain much more from a single run than you do from ever getting wet or becoming cold.

6. People might make fun of you

But they are usually awful human beings who don’t deserve your attention.

Jog on and pretend that the pavement is their face. Stomp hard, smile hard and continue to run hard in spite of them!

7. Wear comfortable clothing

I’ve been on a run when I wore clothes that were cute, but not convenient—and that run was the worst I’ve ever had.

I ended up giving up way earlier than I normally would have. You want to wear clothes that are comfortable and convenient (bonus points if they look suave!).

Girls, avoid the short shorts, as no one likes chafing. Guys, avoid wearing regular boxers.

I won’t go into why, but I will tell you that my male friends who are experienced runners beg of you.

For anyone, make sure to wear socks that go above the line of your shoes, and get some comfortable shoes.

Nobody likes a blister!

8. Don’t be scared of the dangers of outdoor running, but be aware of the potential hazards

Wear high visibility clothing, take extra caution when crossing the road and try to avoid running in dangerous neighbourhoods.

9. If you’re wanting to make running outdoors into a habit, then start slow

When I tried running in the past, I made the mistake of starting out far too fast, wrecking my body and losing any interest in running.

I marked myself out as a failure for this.

I could have avoided it by being a little more patient, maybe starting out at half a mile ran easily and working up over time.

10. Get headphones that will stay in your ears

Whenever I go on a run, I love listening to good music.

However, I always used to use those earbuds that came with my iPhone or Samsung, which seemed fine initially—until my ears got all sweaty and the earbuds would fall out of my ears immediately.

But my ears don’t sweat–that’s disgusting!

Yeah, and I bet your armpits smell like roses too, right?

One of the biggest running tips I can give you is this: getting a good jog in is a good work out, and thus makes you sweat in places you didn’t think you could sweat.

So if you’re human, your ears will, indeed, sweat.

Avoid this annoying problem right away by investing in a lightweight pair of headphones that will actually stay put, like the kind that wrap around your entire ear.

This way, you’ll be able to listen to your tunes without any added distractions.

Follow these rules and you won’t have any problem.