10 Health Trends Likely to Make Waves In 2019

As we inch closer to the end of 2018, a..

10 Health Trends Likely to Make Waves In 2019

As we inch closer to the end of 2018, a season where most people wind down and begin to plan for the New Year, one of the top priorities for most people’s resolutions is their health.

Statements such as ‘exercise more’, ‘eat healthier’, or ‘take care of my health’, always pop up.

The trends for 2018 have been focused on anti-aging, burning fat, and healthy diets and workouts, with millions of people buying in to stuff like whey protein, fat burners, and detox products all in a bid to stay healthy, and in good shape.

So what’s next after all these have lost their luster and we seek the next big thing?

We rounded up some of our predictions for health and wellness trends that will help improve, relax and make us feel great about ourselves in 2019.

Ready for a new year of well-being? Dive in!

Disconnect to Reconnect

2018 has been all about digital detoxing, but with 2019, the trend will likely be about leaving home, with a focus on disconnecting from our gadgets, including fitness trackers, just to reconnect with nature.

It’s about living free and enjoying nature’s benefits to our health.

Unplug and do away with the distractions, then replace that with different ways of fine tuning your senses to find inner peace.

Sound Therapy

What’s that one favorite song that makes you feel on top of the world?

The one that gets you up and dancing regardless of your mood, making you feel unstoppable?

That’s the power of music – evoking different emotions in us from uplifting vibes, to feeling driven, silly, sad, sorrowful, or just expressive.

The same goes with sound, and in 2019, sound therapy will be a thing because of its healing power from sound frequencies and vibration that help you switch off and relax.

Sounds can be anything from birds chirping, or gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, and drums; whatever it is that sets off natural healing of mind and body.

Sleep Hygiene

This is about setting good routines and practices that help you be ‘clean’ with your sleep.

Sleep helps our minds and bodies get some rest, repair, recharge and grow, but not all of us get enough of it, or good quality.

2018 was the year of good sleep practices such as yoga and power naps.

2019, however, is more about the good habits that help us get uninterrupted, quality sleep.

These include avoiding late night caffeine drinks, sleeping in optimal temperatures. Using black out blinds to ensure the room is dark, reducing noise to a minimum, getting rid of screens an hour before bed, and having a comfy bed and bedding.

Fresh, clean air

2019 will be more about 100 percent clean living than it is about purifying our surroundings.

Although we have had natural plants in our living spaces to keep the air purified. There are impurities in the air that come from the cleaning sprays we use and air fresheners.


They say less is more, and rightfully so.

Minimalism or decluttering, popularly referred to as the KonMari method, is all about clearing your space to clear your mind.

In 2019, the trend will be about creating more clear and tidy spaces both at home and at work to reduce levels of stress. Give clarity, conserve energy and make us more productive and feeling in control.

Crystal infused water

Crystal infused water has been all the rave in 2018, giving us energizing vibes compared to the herb, veg, and fruit infused water.

This trend will see more uptake in 2019. And involves inserting crystals in our water bottles that create an essence, and in turn giving us positive energy.

A word of caution here is to ensure the crystals you use are safe to be put in water and for human consumption.

Infrared Saunas, Spa treatments

This trend is picking up pretty fast in the health and wellness space today.

Saunas with different heat wave types are used to offer health benefits like soothing joints and muscles, deeper relaxation and detox.

Their heating system is akin to those used in hospitals to keep premature babies warm, and they’re much cooler than traditional saunas.

They also make you sweat a lot more, eliminating toxins and ridding your body of excess water weight.

Sounds like a great way of tackling obesity which is affecting more than 38% of adults in the new America.

Medicinal Mushrooms

These are taking center stage and are now a health trend. Unlike the Acai of 2018 that was loved for its ability to reduce blood pressure and helping us maintain healthy weight levels.

Medicinal mushrooms are believed to have the ability to quell inflammation, fight cancer, and balance our blood sugar.

According to Dr. Mark Stengler, mushroom extracts contain compounds such as beta-glucans and polysaccharides that activate our immune systems as they raise our white blood cell count.

Mushrooms are also a great source of vitamin D, plus they help with your body’s natural detoxification.

Color Therapy

Your favorite color says a lot about you, as it does influence how you feel, and your energy.

Color therapy, also known as Chromotherapy. Is about the use of colors to enhance wellness and health as colors each have their own vibrational frequencies associated with various emotions and physical symptoms.

Another color trend for 2019 will be colorstrology, which assigns a color for each birth month, reflecting on your personality.

Multisensory Wellness Centers

The past few years have seen people increasingly turning to meditation and yoga to cope with their daily problems, and stress.

There are several spas and yoga centers all over the world, but the trend is changing to having multisensory wellness centers for a full rounded experience.

The main thing here is to play up all five senses so that people experience a natural high, thus they get to destress and their bodies get nourished.

Get ready to live in the moment, and have a healthy, colorful 2019!


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