10 Reasons Why Dancing Is a Great Form of Exercise

There’s probably not a single person in this world who..

10 Reasons Why Dancing Is a Great Form of Exercise

10 Reasons Why Dancing Is a Great Form of Exercise

There’s probably not a single person in this world who doesn’t dance.

Perhaps there are people who don’t dance publicly, but it’s quite safe to assume they move their hips in the comfort of their homes while alone and listening to their favorite song.

There are numerous dances that are being performed all around the world at this very moment – starting from hip-hop, Latin, waltz to all those dances native to a certain culture; everyone has a favorite.

Since a major part of a healthy lifestyle is staying active and fit, can we try and use dance as a form of exercise?

Sure we can, and here are the top ten reasons why you should put on your dancing shoes and start burning those calories while listening to your favorite tunes.

1. It keeps you forever young

Even though this might not be the main reason to take up dancing lessons, you should definitely know that dancing keeps you young for a long time.

A study, which followed people aged 65+ for 18 months, showed that dancing is not only good for your brain, but for your body and vital organs as well.

Namely, dancing is a form of exercise for the heart, lungs, muscles and joints altogether.

Moreover, let’s focus on the other fact – it makes you stay in touch with popular music, which will definitely make you feel young again.

2. It keeps you fit

Even though dancing is not an Olympic sport (yet), it surely does involve a lot of physical and mental work in the process.

Just like running, going to the gym, or any other sport for that matter, dancing also requires stretching before the process.

All dance moves involve working with numerous muscles, which makes this a natural way of losing weight.

While we dance, every single part of our body becomes involved in the process, which is definitely proof that it’s a good fitness exercise.

Moreover, no dance is shorter than three or four minutes (some of them last longer) – imagine burning your calories in your whole body for four minutes without any break.

It’s a great cardio exercise – so the next time you want to go jogging, try to have a half-hour jamming session and compare the results.

3. It improves your health

Just like any other sport, dancing is healthy as well, for the same reasons.

It’s a great physical activity, so make sure to take your dancing shoes and give it a go.

If you want to get the best out of dancing, you certainly need appropriate clothing, such as dance leotards (which are extremely important for certain types of dance) and good shoes that you will be comfortable in.

If you’ve chosen dancing as your hobby, you really want to make the most out of it – so choose everything that’s high quality.

4. It’s fun

Let’s state the most obvious reason of all – dancing is fun.

As already mentioned, there’s probably not a single soul who doesn’t like music and dancing to it, which definitely makes dancing an activity that many people indulge in knowing they’ll feel better afterward.

Music can improve our mood in an instant, and dancing is just our way to make that feeling even greater.

5. It’s a social activity

You should definitely “dance like nobody’s watching”, but it’s always better when you have someone next to you – it makes it even more interesting.

It doesn’t matter if you’re alone, part of a couple or a dancing troupe – dancing connects people even more.

This can help you learn how to function in a team or a couple, and will teach you how to trust others and how to depend on them.

6. It boosts your confidence

You’ve probably seen an episode of Dancing with the Stars, so you probably noticed with which grace the dancers are stepping onto the dance floor.

This means that dancing requires some sort of self-confidence from the start. However, constant training and devoting yourself to dancing can only enhance your self-confidence, and not only in the field of this sport, but in life as well.

Dancing doesn’t only teach us how to be comfortable in our own body and with our own moves, it also teaches us how to learn from our mistakes and master a certain move that we’ve been struggling with.

7. It improves your flexibility

Being flexible is certainly one of the most important things for dancing. However, if you feel you’re not flexible enough, don’t worry, as this activity will help you achieve this.

It doesn’t matter if you choose break dance, Zumba or ballet – constant training and stretching will result in not only higher flexibility of your body, but a better body posture as well.

Dancing requires new and unusual movements, some of which you’ve never had to do before, and this practice will only help you become more flexible.

8. It teaches you about other cultures

According to the College of Arts and Humanities in Maryland, dancing and dance traditions can make you more familiar with the culture of a certain country.

They give the example of Spanish Andalusians – if you want to learn more about their culture, you can google it, but you can also opt to enroll in a flamenco class and learn something more than just mere facts that are on Google.

Through music and motions, we can teleport to a certain region at a certain point in the past – Spain, Africa or even Argentina.

9. It’s good for your brain

We’ve already covered why dancing is good for your body, but let’s see how it’s good for your brain. First of all, it trains your memory, as every dance has a choreography that you have to memorize.

Even though you will be making mistakes from time to time, eventually, your brain will become trained to produce those movements without any problem whatsoever.

Moreover, as previously mentioned, it can keep us young in various ways, one of which is reversing the signs of aging in the brain.

10. It can be free

You don’t have to enroll in a class and pay a monthly fee in order to have this hobby. This activity can be done everywhere – in the comfort of your own home or in the park.

If you want to, you can ask your friends to come with you, and you can organize a certain dance session somewhere outdoors and train together.

The only thing that you need is good workout equipment and music.

So, yes, dance like nobody’s watching – dance to improve your mood and to keep fit.

Not only will you feel better, but your figure will be on point in no time. Just look at some of the world’s best dancers.

Wouldn’t you like to look like that?

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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