3 Day Advanced Powerful Abs Workout – Day 1 Machines Workout


Build Muscle
 Muscle Group
Beginner – Intermediate
Male & Female

Workout Description:

Exercises that are going down in reps you will need to increase the weight by 5 and 10% every set.

This is day 1 of 3 ab workouts and the first workout is the cable machine. With 6 exercises and 24 sets with abs workout will sculpt that dream six pack. 

Use these tips:

  • Warm up 5 mins on the treadmill or 1 – 2 warm up sets of the first exercise to save injury.
  • Use the correct form! Watch the video above to learn each exercise or click on each exercise below! 
  • Rest – 30 – 60 seconds between each set and exercise.


Machines Workout:
Abs Machine
Cable Crunch410
Cable Russian Twists410
Cable Side Bends 410
Cable Wood Chops410
Lying Cable Crunch 410
Cable Reverse Crunch410

NOTE: If you cannot see the full workout turn your phone or tablet to the side.

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