3 Great Jump Rope Workouts

All these jump rope workouts I list below are considered High Intensity Interval Training workouts, so if you are out of shape, they may be too much for you.  But if you think you can handle them, these workouts can help take your fitness to the next level! 

Jump Rope Workout #1

Timed Jumping Rope

For this timed workout, which is the most advanced of the three, you will try to get as many reps as possible in 30 seconds, then rest 30-90 seconds, then repeat for 5-10 cycles. 

The rest period depends on your fitness level, but I would stick with some specific amount of time, let’s say 30 seconds rest.   You want to keep your heart rate high, feel the burn in your lungs, your shoulders, and core too.  I try to shoot for 100 reps in 30 seconds, although I just miss almost every time (so frustrating!).  

How many can you do? 

What I’ve found is the limitation for how fast and for how long I can jump rope is not my cardio, but the muscular endurance of my shoulders. 

Be sure when you are maxing out that you keep your core tight as well, because your core will be engaged intensely.  As you’ll find out, jumping rope as fast as you can just about works every muscle in your body!

Jump Rope Workout #2

Sliding Scale Jumping Rope

As you are completing a jumping rope workout, chances are you will get tired over time (at least if you’re human).  One great way of keeping the volume high, but with a manageable intensity is to create a sliding scale. 

You start out with let’s say 500 jumping rope reps in a row, then rest, decrease by 50 reps to 450, then complete again, until you get down to 50 reps.  So it looks like this:

(Rest 30-90 seconds in between each set)


The total amount of reps is a solid 1,050 accomplished in 6 sets, but the intensity is manageable because the amount of reps per set decreases over time. 

Jump Rope Workout #3

“Pick a Number” Jumping Rope

Probably the most common workout I do, which can also be a warm up depending on how fast you jump, is picking a number of say 100, or 200 jump rope reps. 

You complete those 200 reps at a reasonably fast pace, then rest until you catch your breath (so don’t need to rest for a specific time period), then go again.  You can complete 5-10 cycles depending on your fitness level, which would be 1,000 to 2,000 total reps. 

If you are just starting out, volume (total number of reps) is something you should track and increase over time.  So you might do 300 reps one workout, than 350 the next, and so on. 

This will ensure you get better and stronger over time, because your workouts will naturally become more difficult.

These workouts are only about 10-20 minutes, but they can help you increase your speed, stamina, and help melt that extra layer of fat off your body. 

If you are more advanced, you can try one of these workouts after a jog, lifting, or some other type of activity.

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