5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Great for Our Health

Ahhh, sweet, sweet coffee! Even when it’s bitter as hell..

5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Great for Our Health

5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Great for Our Health

Ahhh, sweet, sweet coffee! Even when it’s bitter as hell and dark as night, it’s delicious, warm and seductive like the sweetest embrace.

Some people like their coffee combined with a friendly chat, some love to photograph it and share it with their followers and some love to enjoy it in peace and quiet.

However, while most people talk only about the taste and experience of coffee drinking, almost no one mentions all the amazing health benefits of this hot beverage. So, is coffee good or bad for us?

As it turns out, coffee can help you prevent, manage, alleviate and fight various health conditions.

Both physical and psychological, and help you stay sharp, strong and focused. Not convinced? Here are five of the most prominent reasons why you should grab a cup of coffee right now.

It lowers the risk of heart disease

One of the top causes of fatalities in the world is heart disease, especially in men (almost 25% of all male deaths come as a result of heart issues).

However, drinking just one cup of quality coffee can reduce your risk of health disease by a whopping 20%.

Coffee decreases the calcification of coronary arteries and helps blood and oxygen flow. This ensures healthy organs and tissues and gives you peace of mind when it comes to heart attacks and strokes. When you combine your coffee intake with some exercise and a good diet, you get a recipe for a long and healthy life.

It fights against diabetes

Currently, there are 23 million people suffering from diabetes in the USA alone!

Luckily, scientists are constantly doing various researches on coffee and its connection to the reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. So far, the connection is pretty clear: people who drink at least one cup of coffee per day can expect the type 2 diabetes possibility to lower by 8%.

But, why is coffee so successful in keeping diabetes at bay?

Well, one theory is that coffee increases the levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) which lowers the insulin resistance.

So, regular coffee drinkers have higher levels of SHBG and a lower possibility of developing diabetes.

However, make sure to stay away from sugary coffee drinks you get at Starbucks.

If you grab a bag of the strongest coffee in the USA, you won’t have any need for sugar, milk and toppings thanks to its superb aroma and seductive taste.

One or two cups of this warrior coffee and you’ll be ready to face the day and keep your body strong and healthy.

It aids athletic performance 

As we all know, coffee helps keep our energy levels up, which is one of the main reasons we consume it in the first place. However, that’s not all. While keeping you up and going, coffee is also signaling your brain to attack those pesky fat cells and break them down.

Additionally, it boosts your metabolism and increases the levels of adrenaline in the body.

This adrenaline rush prepares the body for physical exercise and extreme exertion.

When you combine all of these coffee benefits, you get a perfect pre-exercise cocktail that ensures you do your best on the court, field, ring or gym. So, next time you’re preparing for your workout, have a cup of strong coffee instead of your pre-workout supplements and see how you feel.

But, that’s not all! Caffeine also aids post-workout pain by reducing body inflammations. When it comes to your athletic performance, coffee is really a win-win drink!

When you finish with your workout or practice for the day, you can still benefit from some coffee. It’s been discovered that coffee is loaded with antioxidants, especially after roasting. It can even rival green tea when it comes to antioxidant content!

This means you can ditch all other artificial products and grab a cup of delicious coffee and protect your body from cell deterioration and various other health conditions. Combine your coffee intake with the best antioxidant foods and you’re all set.

It keeps us sharp

We all battled sleep behind the wheel at least once in our lives.

But, we probably didn’t even know the amount of danger we put ourselves in—sleepy drivers cause almost one-fourth of all fatalities on the road. But, just one cup of coffee can reduce those statistics and keep you more responsive, focused and alert even if you didn’t have enough sleep.

Coffee also keeps us sharp in the long run.

The mental decline that comes with age is something that not even the brightest minds of modern science can’t prevent and reverse. However, what we can do to slow that process down is grab some coffee.

According to research, people who drink between 3 and 5 cups of coffee a day have a 65% lower possibility of getting Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in their senior years.

This number is truly amazing and shouldn’t be neglected, especially when you consider what serious opponent coffee needs to face here.

It helps with depression

Depression is a huge issue in today’s world. In the USA, almost 40 million people battle with this disease and many even lose the war. No matter if you’re plagued by mild or severe depression, coffee can actually help with many symptoms.

It’s like a liquid happy pill! It activates neurotransmitters that regulate mood and release dopamine and serotonin into the body. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter that is responsible for memory, cognition and movement, but it’s also one of the main reasons we feel pleasure.

Thanks to this dopamine boost, you can get a dose of natural antidepressants together with your breakfast.

Actually, Harvard research shows that women who drink at least 4 cups of coffee a day have 20% less possibility of becoming depressed. However, before you overdose on coffee (too much caffeine can have negative effects), it’s better to visit your mental health specialist and seek real help.

So, next time you’re not sure if you’re supposed to have that third cup of coffee, just remember all the benefits you might be missing out on. Java lovers of the world, rejoice and have a toast with a warm cup of coffee!

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