5 Signs You Need to Update Your Workout Routine

Engaging in regular physical activity is crucial for staying healthy,..

5 Signs You Need to Update Your Workout Routine

Engaging in regular physical activity is crucial for staying healthy, fit, and happy.

When you start exercising, developing a routine can be quite difficult and when you ultimately reach your goal you ought to feel proud of yourself and your achievement.

However, a routine isn’t necessarily a good thing for your fitness journey.

There are five signs that will indicate without a doubt that you need a change when it comes to your workout routine.

If any of them sound familiar, forget about the routine and start mixing things up!

You’re bored

This is the first and the best sign that you need a change, and it’s applicable outside the gym also but we’ll stick to your workout routine here.

If you find it hard to get going before your workout, you’re yawning most of the time you’re doing it, and you know the exercises and the sequence by heart it’s time for a change.

You’ve been doing the same ol’ thing for too long and you’re not feeling it anymore.

That’s okay, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Start with some small changes and see how it goes. You can buy some new gym clothes to get you excited about your workout.

You can change the time of day you exercise, a simple change like that can make all the difference. If all else fails you can always change the type of physical activity you do.

Your workout routine doesn’t have to fit the model you see on Instagram, do something fun. Swimming, trampoline jumping, dancing, there is a plethora of fun activities out there that will get you excited about your workout again.

You stopped seeing results

Once you go back to exercising after after a period of time, results will be visible soon after. You will gain strength, every workout will be a bit easier than the previous one, and you will notice that your body is changing. After a while, however, things will start to stagnate.

By the time you have reached a few personal goals, you’ll probably just stop paying attention to your appearance. After all, you’ve changed so quickly and developed a routine and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

This stagnation is not something you should ignore; your body is telling you that it needs a change. Our bodies easily adapt to change and that is what keeps us going, but it also means that we need to invest an effort in order to make progress.

You can change your workout routine by switching to a different physical activity. For example, you can go running or start a group class.

It doesn’t meant that you have to give up on your workout sessions you really enjoy, but you can simply squeeze in some time to add something new to the mix.

A simple way to mix thing up a bit is to buy some gym equipment and clothing, such as active pants that will improve your home workout like a pro.

You never feel the burn anymore

You might think this has the same underlying cause as not seeing results, but the truth is a bit more complicated.

While your body will respond with a stagnation in showing results when it gets used to the type of exercise you’re doing. You’ll still be able to experience the burn if you push yourself enough.

Not feeling the burn is an indicator that you are not stepping up your game. If you’re serious about your fitness journey and improving your physical health you need to make continuous progress.

That type of progress can only be achieved by slowly increasing the difficulty of your workout sessions. The increase should be noticeable but not overwhelming.

In other words, you should feel the burn but you shouldn’t push yourself so hard that you feel soreness in your muscles for days after the workout.

A good move is to add some repetitions to your routine regularly or change your pace of exercising.

Doing exercise quickly will help you gain more strength and doing them slowly will stimulate the growth of muscles. For achieving the best results, you should combine different paces.

Your goals have changed

Your goals can change due to many different reasons and when they do, you should make other changes according to those new goals.

It sounds simple enough but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Sometimes you don’t even realize your goals have changed. You just start feeling a lack of motivation to exercise and you continue pushing yourself.

If you started your fitness journey with a specific goal in mind, like losing weight or improving flexibility, that probably influenced your choice of physical activity. However, once you reach your primary goal you might start expecting some different results from your efforts.

Results that are not consistent with your chosen activity.

If you feel like you’re in a rut and you struggle to find the motivation to do your workout. Reexamine your expectations, goals, and think about what you can realistically expect from what you are currently doing.

Define your new goals and find a physical activity that will get you there.

You feel exhausted

So far we mentioned some reasons that can indicate that your fitness level is higher than your workout intensity, but what can you do when the opposite is true?

If your workout intensity is too much for you. You’ll feel exhausted after the workout and you might even feel soreness in your muscles for a long period of time after it.

These are not good signs and they can prevent you from reaching your goals.

You should feel a little tired, energized, and be in a good mood after a workout. Those feelings are an indicator of an optimal intensity of a workout session.

Anything more than that is troublesome.

If you feel drained of energy after a workout you should try lower the intensity workout or even take some time to rest and continue your fitness journey after you are feeling ready for it.

Remember, a good workout session is challenging but manageable.

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