5 Steps to Staying Fit with Dancing

Outsmarting Yourself Exercising is good for the body, and it’s..

Staying Fit with Dancing

5 Steps to Staying Fit with Dancing

Outsmarting Yourself

Exercising is good for the body, and it’s good for the mind—but the mind can get bored. What do you think is easier: running along a picturesque trail at the foot of the mountains, or jogging in place on a treadmill in a reeking gym full of depressed looking peers in sweaty workout clothes?

For most, the picturesque jog is going to be more beneficial than the internal slog.

Now take it a step further: what’s going to be an easier workout to maintain; one where you have fun, or one where you must consciously push past previous thresholds?

For most, a sort of workout where you have fun will be more likely to help you get in shape than something which requires continuous conscious effort.

Dance applies an element of fun to physical exercise which is conveyed by the music and aesthetic of choreography.

Even if you’re dancing with a partner, rather than a troupe, you can be swept away by the muse of inspired bodily movement. With a troupe, you’ve got group-incentive increasing your ability to perform.

One of the best ways of staying in shape is finding a physical activity you enjoy, and which is buffered by a group of peers likewise engaging in the same activity. Following, several additional tips to helping you stay fit while dancing will be explored.

1. Get Enough Rest

Eating right and exercising are key to flourishing, but rest is also important. Dancers in a troupe professionally designing and executing choreography will practice as much as those in a conventional 9-to-5 job work.

That is to say: forty hours a week. Forty hours of physical exertion definitely leave their mark! Now you may not be dancing so much, but you’re still going to have a caloric deficit after a session.

If you are on your feet jumping, pirouetting, spinning, and tapping all day, don’t be surprised if you burn 1,000+ calories in an hour. If you dance like that two hours a day four times a week, that’s 8,000 calories.

You’ve got to eat right and sleep enough in order to manage that caloric load. If you need to lose weight, dancing can help; but you can go too far if you don’t get enough rest.

At least six hours a night are necessary; seven to eight may be appropriate if you have particularly intense exertions.

2. Stretch Yourself

This is both a literal and figurative advisement. With dance, you’ve got to literally stretch your body so that you can more comfortably and consistently make the necessary moves.

In order to hit fitness goals and continuously hone your body, you’ll also need to push past what you’re comfortable with.

3. Ensure You’ve Got The Right Equipment

When you’re throwing your body around for hours at a time, constrictive clothing will rip and tear—besides hampering you. You need dance costumes that breathe, and which are flexible enough to allow you necessary movement.

You can find some of the best dance costumes online. Going the web route allows you to choose specifically the costumes which fit your needs; be they fitness-related, performance related, practice-related, or some combination of these.

4. Have Some Sort Of Goal Define Activity

You need to have an “end game” in mind. If you’re dancing with a significant other doing some swing move, it is perhaps recommendable that you and your partner have some sort of dancing exhibition at the end of a month to work toward.

This will help you forget the physical exertion in lieu of the deadline. If you’re dancing with a troupe, there should be a performance upcoming.

5. Keep At It

Whatever you do, don’t stop because you get sore or tired. You’ll get sore and you’ll get tired, but if you keep at it, it will take longer for you to feel these things, and ultimately you’ll get into shape more quickly.

Also, record your progress so you can look at where you were, see where you are, and make note of your progress.

Fitness And Fun At The Same Time

Getting in shape and staying in shape is difficult. Dancing is a fun way to do both. Get started dancing and keep at it a while; you may be surprised at the positive results.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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