5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Personal Gym

Health and fitness craze is sweeping the nation and by..

5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Personal Gym

Health and fitness craze is sweeping the nation and by the looks of things, it appears to be more than a simple trend.

We see more and more people committing themselves to various forms of physical activities. Most of which are oriented towards the outdoors.

Running and cycling through parks and open water swimming has gained a lot of popularity as of late. Suggesting that gyms and similar indoor fitness options are going to experience a slow but inevitable demise. 

However, statistics tell a completely different story.

In the UK alone, the average consumer spending on gym memberships has increased by 44% during the last year.

These figures are driven by the widespread availability of new technologies such as fitness apps and wearable devices. But also by the rising appeal of budget gyms that don’t require signing an expensive contract.

Not only that, but the affordability of workout equipment has resulted in a new emerging trend of creating backyard gyms and home fitness studios.

Here are five tips to create your perfect personal gym.

1.   Making the right decision

Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon for people to spend enormous amounts of money in order to construct the perfect home gym. Only to get bored and stop using it after a couple of months.

Home gyms are the ideal solution for those who work out on a regular basis and especially those who exercise every day or even multiple times a day.

For them, building a home gym would ultimately save them a lot of time and resources they would normally spend on going to and from the gym and paying for fuel and gym memberships.

Take the time to consider your decision and commit to it only if you’re absolutely certain that you’re making the right choice.

2.   Budgeting concerns

Building your own personal gym might not be cheap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

People waste a lot of money buying overpriced treadmills and specialized cardio equipment that even the most well-equipped commercial gyms often don’t have.

Instead of going all out and getting every single piece of equipment you can think of. You might want to start with the basics and work your way up as your exercising needs evolve over time.

Be patient instead of rushing things and only add new equipment when the price and time are right.

3.   Knowing when to invest

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions, promising to ourselves that we would do better in the following year.

Advertisers and retailers know this all too well and regularly offer sizable discounts. Knowing that people will purchase exercise gear as a Christmas present or as a part of the New Year’s resolution to get healthy and fit.

Furthermore, buying gym equipment from an online store is often far less expensive than purchasing it in a brick-and-mortar retail store. So make sure to go through all your options before you start spending your hard-earned money.

4.   Starting off with the essentials

A simple bench and weights are always going to be an integral part of any decently-equipped gym. So might want to start off with a couple of barbells or dumbbells.

They are the foundation of a vast majority of exercises and their small size and versatility are what makes them a go-to choice for many home gym owners.

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to start off small and purchase your way up the weight ladder as your workout needs progress over time.

Foam rollers and yoga mats are very useful for core training and kneading out muscles and jump ropes are very effective when it comes to cardio exercises.

5.   Big-ticket items

Treadmills are excellent for those who like running, but hate does to it when it’s cold outside.

Traditional cable-and-weight machines can be useful, as long as you use them in the right way. But their repetitive nature can result in muscle strain.

Functional, stand-up systems with adjustable arms are a much better choice, as they allow you to work those cables in more directions than one.

Modern cross-trainers can either be fixed or foldable and which type you should pick will mostly depend on the size of your gym.

Lastly, don’t forget about the weight rack. It’s the single largest and most expensive item on the menu, but it’s also the most important one.

A rack is not only used to store weights and it can also be incorporated as a part of your exercise. Especially when working out the back or the triceps.

Once you have your gym fully set up, it’s time to start using it. Be careful with your form and remember. Only use weights that you’re comfortable with in order to avoid getting injured. 

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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