5 Ways Post-Workout Hydration is Crucial to Recovery

Every athlete knows how important it is to recover fast..

5 Ways Post-Workout Hydration is Crucial to Recovery

5 Ways Post-Workout Hydration is Crucial to Recovery

Every athlete knows how important it is to recover fast and well. Some even go so far and claim that the recovery is actually as important as the effort put in during the workout.

And it is easy to see why.

Without proper recovery, you cannot exercise well the next time. Fail to do every exercise properly or fail to do an exercise completely and you’re at a loss.

Of course, hydration plays a vital role in the process of recovery. So, let’s see why it is so important for you to properly hydrate your body every time you’re done with the workout.

Muscle tissue rebuilding

Each time we exercise, our muscles get broken down a little bit and that is perfectly fine.

Thanks to the hard toil, our body needs to rebuild those muscles better so that they can withstand more weight and exertion.

A vital part of this muscle tissue rebuilding process is called the protein synthesis. And for this synthesis to happen, you need to be well hydrated.

If your muscles aren’t hydrated properly, the protein synthesis will be considerably slowed down and because of that your recovery will take more time.

Nutrients transportation

When we work out we need to feel good and strong to do it right. Obviously, if we have no energy, we cannot go out there and lift or run as we used to.

Of course, for that energy we need to take in enough water since water helps the movement and transport of essential energy nutrients.

Hence, allowing yourself to be dehydrated after an exercise not only leaves you with no energy for recovery. But it also slows down your body’s removal of the metabolic waste that spurs up during the workout.

That’s why it would be good if you bought a good 2 litre water bottle since that amount is more than enough for you to stay hydrated during and after a workout. The more, the merrier!

Digestion issue

After each good workout it is important to refuel your body. We do that by eating food and drinking enough fluids.

Food and water are there to replenish our glycogen stores and those are vital to recovery. However, digestion cannot happen without water.

Saliva, which helps us break down food, is made mostly out of water and is crucial to the digestion and absorption of all the nutrients we take in through food.

Therefore, if you want to help the digestive process, you have to drink up after your workouts. The more water you drink, the more efficient the digestive process.

Fight fatigue

Feeling tired and drained is the first sign of dehydration.

And when we are dehydrated, the blood volume is decreased which automatically means that our heart has to work harder to get the blood to all of the parts of our body.

That’s the way each and every part of our body gets its oxygen and nutrients. Considering how important nutrients and oxygen are. It is really important that you drink up so that you don’t feel tired. Avoid dehydration!

If you become dehydrated, you’ll feel fatigued and lethargic which not only cripples the recovery process. But it also kills your motivation to exercise next time.

Heart rate recovery study

There is a study conducted in 2012 that deals with the role of hydration in athletic performance.

The results state that hydration impacted the recovery of the participants a lot. The experiment had various individuals do a 90 minute run on a treadmill under one or two conditions.

They either had to drink a sports drink during and after the workout or they weren’t allowed to drink it at all.

The results found that the group who took in the fluids during and after the workout displayed faster heart rate recovery after the workout.

That only indicates that their bodies have recovered faster from the stress of the exercise than the bodies of their non-drinking counterparts.

What you do during a workout is almost as important as what you do after. You have to take care of your body during and after the workout. So, drink up and don’t let your progress be impaired!    

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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