6 Amazing Herbs to Take After a Tough Workout For Faster Muscle Recovery

6 Amazing Herbs to Take After a Tough Workout For Faster Muscle Recovery

Today, all people want to look their best. Smooth skin, strong bones, and a sturdy physique are now the in thing! Gone are the days when people didn’t care how they look nor what they eat. In this modern-day and age, everyone is on the lookout for the best keto supplement and the next workout routine to get to their dream body.

Even with a viable working out plan in place, have you put into thought what to eat on after-workout keto? You have to consider this if you want to see some results in the shortest time possible. After-workout care is just as critical as the exercise itself, and so read on to find out the six herbs that can help you recover fast and build that mass.

Benefits of Herbs as an After-Workout Regime for Muscle Growth

Before we get into the specific herbs, we will briefly take a generalized view as to why herbs can be viable after workout recovery supplements. 

For starters, you have to provide your body with an after-workout diet that is full of healthy complex carbs and proteins. Besides, you should use MCT oil after a workout to regulate blood glucose. The carbohydrates provide the body with the glucose that replenishes muscles’ glycogen reserves used during a workout. The proteins produce amino acids that play a significant role in the rebuilding of the muscle tissues. 

Other benefits are:

  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Maintain a healthy level of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Lead to faster metabolism to avoid a shift to a catabolic state, which leads to muscle breakdown instead of building up.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the six phenomenal herbs used as part of your after-workout meal for muscle gain, so read on.

1. Tumeric

Tumeric is the number one herb on our list that will help you recover faster after a workout. The reason is that Tumeric contains curcumins, which are compounds that promote a healthy inflammatory response. These compounds also aid in overall health and vitality.

Additionally, when you take Tumeric as an after-workout supplement, your joints will heal faster, and the antioxidant action will help your body reinvigorate after working out.

Lastly, Tumeric supports the production of proteins that help regulate immune cell function. All these benefits work together to help you build muscles after every working out session.

2. Boswellia

Another herb that will help you with mass gaining is Boswellia. Mostly taken as a capsule after a workout, Boswellia will support a healthy response to occasional pain. It’s suitable for people who experience muscle twitching after a workout

Well, Boswellia will sort it out because it promotes blood flow to the body connective tissue. As a result, the production of some inflammatory-causing enzymes is inhibited. The action helps in reducing inflammation and pain after a workout. Furthermore, the active constituents in Boswellia support apoptosis, which promotes healthy tissue growth vital for muscle recovery. 

It also aids a healthy gut; it nourishes the lining of the GI tract, supporting digestive health.

3. Green Tea

For people who are into lifting weights as their chosen working out routine, green tea is one of the supplements for sore muscles after a workout. Green tea encourages healthy metabolism of sugars, which give you energy even after a work out session.

You would be inclined to think that you have to be tired after a workout session, but this is not true. Indeed, your energy might be lower than you started, but a boost from green tea will get you back on track. 

It offers antioxidant bodies that aid both metabolic and cardiovascular health. Green tea is also crucial as it has a slightly anabolic effect that helps in the building of muscles. A blend with a bit of caffeine is perfect after your morning workout to start your day. If you have been taking coffee, consider switching to green tea and see your stamina and mass increase.

4. American Ginseng

This herb comes in handy in the toning for your nervous system. Sometimes you may hurt yourself while working out, and the anti-inflammatory properties of American ginseng will help. The herb boosts the oxygen uptake and helps breakdown lactic acid, which builds in the muscles after a workout.

American ginseng promotes balance in the neuroendocrine system and, lastly, influences cognitive performance. This simply means that your reflexes will be highly responsive, which is critical in avoiding small accidents in the gym as a weight falling on you.

5. Rhodiola

Have you been feeling weary after a workout? Good news.

Rhodiola is a cure for this. The active components in this herb act to reduce the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. It reduces the blood lactate levels and eventually reduces skeletal damage. So, even when you get hurt, and your muscles or bones suffer a strain, you heal faster.

Overall, you will enjoy better stamina, which will have you spend more time at the gym working towards your goal to a well-toned bikini body.

6. Corydalis

Lastly, we have corydalis. This flower herb works wonders in the reduction of discomfort caused by training stress. Stress, in this case, maybe physical, mental, or emotional.

On the emotional and mental front, you get to maintain a positive attitude as you can see the results of your working out- muscles.

Keto-friendly Herbs

Perhaps you are on a mission to lose weight or tone better. Therefore, you have to think about what to eat on the after-workout keto! Luckily, there are additional herbs that you can have after a workout.

These are low in carbohydrates but high in healthy fats and proteins. The ones with low-carb count are:

  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Tarragon
  • Mint
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger 

The ones with a bit more carb-count are:

  • Oregano
  • Paprika
  • Cumin
  • Cayenne, among several others

These can be used as a seasoning to a salad, as capsules, or as tea.

Take Away

As mentioned above, getting to that fit body takes more than just heading to the gym. Now, you have the perfect ingredients to make the process more productive. The products above can be ingested as capsules or as teas and smoothies refreshments after a workout.

The benefits of protein powder after a workout with the ingredients above will have significant results. Try out any or all of them and tell us how it goes through the comments section below.

Author’s bio: My name is Adam Reeve and I have been a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years. Also, I’m a life coach, wellness writer, and low carb diets, enthusiast.