6 Ways To Make Exercises More Fun

So you're wearing your custom t-shirt after having a bowl..

6 Ways To Make Exercises More Fun

6 Ways To Make Exercises More Fun

So you’re wearing your custom t-shirt after having a bowl of healthy cereal and ready and excited to hit the gym.

However, this excitement about staying fit does not stay for very long in case of just people.

Even though people are attracted towards the idea of a fit body. They’re often soon unnerved by the amount of work and effort that goes into achieving it.

Hence, while a lot of people regularly push themselves for exercising, the others give up soon after starting to work out.

Beyond the inherent difference between these two sets of people, it is usually the monotonous and demanding nature of exercises that make people give up before achieving their fitness goals and that exactly where the idea of fitness for fun comes in.

Spicing up your exercise sessions through fun fitness activities for adults and fun workout ideas effectively makes sure you enjoy your work out sessions and encourages you while helping you to continue rather than quit at the first chance.

So, here are 6 ways to execute the ‘fitness for fun’ idea by making your exercises themselves more fun:

Music For Fitness For Fun

Exercising in silence can make the workout seem boring and monotonous and also make it seem more strenuous.

So the easiest way to make your exercises fun and boost your energy level is music.

Listening to music while exercising doesn’t just relieve boredom — it can help improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood.

You can load your music player to have your speakers blaring music or even use secure good headphones or earphones during your workout sessions.

There are several CDs available specifically for this purpose which you can buy or you can also make your own specific exercise playlist with tracks according to your personal preference to play during your exercise routines.

You can have fast-paced music tracks for your cardio sessions and relaxing tunes during your stretching and cooling down in the end to fit your needs.

Outdoor Activities

While your normal exercise routine might be within the closed walls of your gym or home. Staring at the same walls during workouts can get quite monotonous after a while.

So to add an interesting touch to it, hit the outdoors every now and then and soak in some Vitamin D for your workout session.

Go for a long walk, jog or run or go cycling. Swimming in an outdoor pool or even play volleyball at the beach.

Not only will the fresh air enhance the benefits of your workout, but the change in environment will get you charged up for a long but fun exercise routine.

Set Small Goals and Reward Yourself

Setting small achievable goals for step by step progress and celebrating these small victories, is a great way to achieve great fitness goals and have ample fun in the way.

Set weekly and monthly goals and on completion, reward yourself with small to big gifts depending on them to encourage and incentivize yourself further.

On small occasions like meeting daily or weekly goals, along with some natural protein foods treat yourself to a special healthy but delicious smoothie and on bigger achievements.

Gift yourself something like new interesting fitness apparel or go for a small motorbiking trip to celebrate the occasion which would not only encourage you but also further the cause of your fitness goals in the longer run.

Choose From Various Fun Physical Activities

Having the same fitness routine for weeks and months the t the end. Can again bore you out and reduce your commitment and will towards exercising.

Changing your workout routine regularly keeps it new and interesting and makes sure you cover all the different body muscles through different sorts of exercises.

Choose from different fun workout methods like skipping rope, bouncing on a trampoline, jumping on a pogo stick, kayaking, surfing etc.

Which are a great combination of fun and exercise to keep you interested and going while furthering your fitness goals.

Even though these kind of physical activities are usually tagged as for kids, they serve as amazing workouts.

Revisit your pleasant childhood memories by seeing for how long you can skip without stopping or test your hula hoop skills instead of counting your number of standard push-ups for a change of scene.


Video games are always exciting and thrilling.

The fact that our hard work pays off and we get points to go to higher levels never fails to serve as a tremendous motivation. Now imagine the same system for exercising.

This concept is called Exergaming.

These dynamic games require you to move your body in form of exercises to gain points and cross levels as a part of the game-play.

Not only do these plugged in forms of games make the entire workout thrilling and add a new enticing touch to it, but burns the same amount or more calories than what you’d burn in a normal traditional workout.

Invite friends for company

Making anything social makes it more enjoyable and tolerable. Share your exercise time with your favourite people to feel accompanied and even engage in friendly competition to keep it interesting.

This chit-chat with friends also keeps you going before and after particularly tiring sweat sessions.

A research shows that working out in a group setting lowers stress by 26 percent (on average) compared to those who exercise by themselves.

Join any fitness group

Join any fitness group like running clubs or yoga clubs nearby or just invite over your friends and family who are also passionate about fitness to a nearby park or in any other social setup to not let the workout sessions feel like a chore but a group fun activity which is the entire point of fitness for fun.

Not only will the group activity promote your fitness goals. But you’ll also get extra motivation from the people around you who do better than you which in turn will increase the outcome of your exercises.

A fit body not only leaves you looking healthy and great, it also ensures better mental satisfaction about your own body.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to be mindful of your diet as it forms an important part of your fitness regime.

There are tons of healthy recipes and different flavoured supplements like whey protein that provide vital nutrients while keeping your fitness priorities stable.

In fact, these last post-workout snacks become something to look forward to throughout your exercise routine which doesn’t let it seem so bad anymore.

Find your personal way of having fun during workouts to make them more tolerable which can help in the long run to distract your mind from the immediate physical discomfort.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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