7 Days Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat

Confused about how to lose belly fat?? Which diet plan..

Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat

7 Days Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat

Confused about how to lose belly fat??

Which diet plan is best for losing belly fat Paleo diet or a low carb??

Before starting the diet plan which should be followed to lose belly fat there are some quick tips which help in losing the belly fat along with proper diet.

1. Consume enough protein

People consuming the right amount of protein in their diet regularly, have lesser belly fat as compared to those who have a high intake of protein.

Including protein in your diet is quite easy. There are many different sources of protein intake. Be it eggs, chicken, nuts, brown bread, pulses, etc.

You can make a list of your favorite protein food and add them to your diet plan.

2. Have small meals

Having small meals not only helps in losing belly fat but also helps in losing overall body weight.

Skipping meals will not help in losing weight but it will cause starvation and will make you eat something which is unhealthy and will affect your diet plan.

You should have small meals frequently and regularly. It will never let you be hungry. Have small meals by having healthy food such as fruits, peanuts, healthy protein shakes, etc.

3. Cut carbs intake

Totally cutting off carbs from your diet will not help in losing belly fat. You should cut the simple carbs and instead consume the complex carbs which come with numerous health benefits.

Complex carbs can be consumed through fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, etc.

4. Don’t consume added sugar

Aerated beverages and many of the packaged food items consist of sugar and sweetening agents which contribute to belly fat. You should restrict having sugar as much as possible to maintain the diet plan.

5. Have homemade foods

Having homemade food helps you to have control over the ingredients used in preparing food. You can make food by cutting off the excess use of oil which is harmful to health. You can bake instead of frying food.

6. Maintaining the stock of healthy food

Make sure that you have a handful of healthy food in your stock so that when hunger strikes you feed on the healthy food instead of stored pastries or leftover fast food.

7. Take 8 hours of peaceful sleep

With a proper diet plan, you should also follow a proper sleep schedule. An appropriate amount of sleep is very important because it keeps the body healthy and fit and contributes to losing belly fat.

7 days diet plan to reduce belly fat

For reducing the stubborn belly fat, a huge modification in your daily diet is necessary.

There are numbers of diet plans like Keto diet, Paleo Diet, Military diet, Low carb diet etc. It can be difficult and confusing to choose one from various diet plans.

So here is the seven days diet chart including different meals of a day which can be followed to lose belly fat.

Early Morning Routine

Drink warm water with pinch of turmeric + black pepper powder. Don’t mix it water it doesn’t taste good. After 15 mins drink turmeric tea which will help in detoxifying.

Breakfast Meal Plan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Healthy and fulfilling breakfast is very important to start with your diet plan.

  • Monday – 1 stuffed cauliflower paratha + curd.
  • Tuesday – 2 Brown bread veg sandwich + + 1 Banana/ Pear/ Papaya.
  • Wednesday – 2 idlis + A bowl of sambar + boiled egg white (2 nos.).
  • Thursday – A medium bowl of Oats / Cereals + A small bowl of fresh fruits.
  • Friday – A medium bowl of Oats + Boiled egg white/sprouts cooked (3tbsp).
  • Saturday – Brown bread with peanut butter + A small bowl of fresh fruits.
  • Sunday – 1 plain Dosa + A bowl of pumpkin sambar + A small bowl of coriander chutney + A glass of cucumber and Carrot Juice.


Lunch Meal Plan

Lunch is another important meal of the day. While on work we usually tend to skip breakfast and jump directly to the lunch, which is not at all healthy.

Here is the diet which should be followed for lunch:

  • Monday – 1 small bowl of Brown rice + 1 bowl curry / a small bowl lean meat/fish preparation (low oil) + Mixed veg salad.
  • Tuesday – 2 Missirotis or palaktilwala Brown rice (1 bowl) + A small bowl of Paneer makhni + A small bowl of capsicum salad.
  • Wednesday1 small bowl of roasted chicken and veggies salad + 2 Wheat Rotis + Mix veg curry + A small cup of low-fat yogurt
  • Thursday – 1 plate of Paneer tikka kabab + brown rice veg pulao (1 bowl) + Raita
  • Friday – 1 medium bowl of Steamed brown rice + A bowl of veggie salad + vegetable low in simple carbs + Dal curry or egg white omelette
  • Saturday – 1 medium bowl of poha + a plate of fish fry + 1 Roti + A small bowl of salad
  • Sunday – 1 bowl of Veg Khichdi + 1 small bowl of Veg Raitha


Evening Snacks

We usually tend to jump out of our diet plan during evening snack time. In order to lose belly fat you should restrict yourself from eating pastries, donuts, cupcakes etc.

Instead, you should opt for a snack which is healthy, low in carbs, and have less sugar content.

  • MondayA cup of fat free , flavour free yoghurt + handful of peanuts
  • Tuesday – 1 glass Fresh Strawberry smoothie
  • Wednesday – A glass of whey protein shake + A small bowl of raisin mix
  • Thursday – 1 cup Green tea + Steamed Corn (3tbsp)
  • Friday – A glass of Buttermilk and 1 Khakra/khandvi
  • Saturday – 1 cup ginger tea + 2 whole wheat low on oil khakra
  • Sunday – 1 cup Green tea + bowl of Sprouts chat



Finally, the day comes to an end and you should have the last meal of the day healthy before going to bed.

To avoid frequent trips to refrigerator in search of snacks you should take a healthy meal that fulfils your hunger and make your body remain healthy.

  • Monday – Boiled or baked sweet potato + 2 pieces boiled fish / paneer tikka + lentil and tomato soup
  • Tuesday – 1 palak wheat roti + usual curry + 1 bowl of Mixed veg salads
  • Wednesday – Paneer frankie + cucumber sprouts salads (1 bowl) Tomato soup (1 bowl)
  • Thursday – 1 bajra roti + a small bowl of pepper dal curry / paneer gravy + mixed veg soup (1 bowl)
  • Friday – 1 small bowl of Veg ragisemiya or ragi ball + A small cup of sambar + Mixed peppercorn salad (1 bowl)
  • Saturday – 1 Ragi Roti + choley masala + Mixed vegetable Salads (1 bowl)
  • Sunday – 1 veg Uttapam + mint chutney (3 tsp) + green soup (1 bowl)


Food To Reduce Belly Fat

Apart from the perfect diet plan and exercises, these are some food which can be added to the diet for losing the belly fat.


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