8 Ways Fitness Benefits Those in Addiction Recovery

When you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, you..

8 Ways Fitness Benefits Those in Addiction Recovery

8 Ways Fitness Benefits Those in Addiction Recovery

When you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, you need all the help you can get. Experts recommend a combination of rehabilitation and aftercare.

They also recommend regular workouts. Regular exercise can play a significant role during the process because of its unlimited benefits. Here are some of them.

It reduces stress

Anxiety and stress can ruin your recovery efforts. When you exercise, the body shifts its focus from your stressors to the physical work.

The coordination and balance required during a workout are intense. The body cannot keep track of the stressors during exercise. In the process, it distracts you from toxic thoughts.

It minimizes the effects of withdrawal

Exercise relieves pain and other withdrawal symptoms. It can also revitalize your skin and muscles to reduce itchy skins and fatigue.

Besides, it helps you eat better by increasing your metabolism. Exercises help you overcome some niggling issues that threaten to derail the recovery process.

It improves mental health

Continued drug use can seriously affect your brain cells. Regular regeneration suffers. Exercises improve your overall body activities by encouraging brain regeneration and recovery.

It also helps the body flush out the drugs faster. Continued drug or alcohol use affects brain functions negatively. They destroy body organs such as the liver, kidney and the heart significantly.

It helps maintain a healthy weight

Addiction tends to accompany other body complications. Malnutrition and underweight issues are common. Obesity and overweight call also occur.

Exercises can help you improve in both situations. Activities can reinvigorate the body functions so that it operates optimally.

They can help you maintain healthy body weight. A healthy body has a superior defense against challenges.

It improves your sleeping

Addicts and recovering patients, have a hard time maintaining good sleeping habits. Hallucinations and nightmares can frequent them often.

Exercises work your muscles and brains cells. That combination helps the body relax when you are sleeping. Drugs distract normal neurosensory stimuli, which can lead to poor sleep patterns.

A good workout, intense or mild, helps restore that. The results of exercising can be instant.

It takes away some of your free time

You have to set time for a regular workout. The sporadic exercises don’t help much. Your body needs a natural coping mechanism.

You can set you workout time to coincide with the time you have intense cravings. This will help you replace drug use with a better habit.

It brings a general positive feeling

A good mood is essential when you are trying to recover from substance abuse. A morning walk, jog, swim or a general workout regime can inspire a positive feeling.

It helps you interact with people and the surrounding environment. You can interact with your senses, too.

It improves your daily routines and schedules

You have to factor in your workout within your daily schedule. Besides, be aware of your timelines not to miss out. That time-consciousness and awareness can help you become orderly and productive.

It increases bodily strength and energy

Workouts can significantly improve your body’s strength and endurance. You can cope with rigorous work schedules without breaking.

As you recover, you will need a job as part of the recovery process. Your ability to deal with job demands will be imperative. Exercises ensure that you are ready to take your duties.

It improves circulation

Blood plays a crucial role in our bodies. It determines the overall state of health. Exercises ensure that it flows in all parts of the body.

In return, it helps all body organs carry out their mandate without fail. During detox, your body has to remove all the toxins and drugs from your system. Exercises accelerate this process.


It is commendable that you have chosen to go through rehabilitation. It is quite encouraging for you. You can improve your overall outcome with exercises.

Exercise will give you a platform for your recovery. To get maximum benefits, do it regularly. However, do not become a workout addict. Do it modestly and consistently.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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