8 Yoga Poses For A Flatter Belly

Fat accumulates a lot in the belly area and this..

Yoga Poses For A Flatter Belly

8 Yoga Poses For A Flatter Belly

Fat accumulates a lot in the belly area and this becomes a source of worry for a lot of youngsters like you today. You must have tried various types of fitness mantras and workouts, but that stubborn belly fat simply refuses to go away. Is there a way out?

Think about adopting yoga in your workout plan that would target your abs and reduce belly fats more practically and efficiently.

To take your yoga regimen further know these easy yet striking yoga poses to reduce stress and get yourself a flat belly like never before!

1. Skull Shining (Kapal Bhati)

Get excited on your journey with this simple breathing technique. It is one of the inevitably best asanas that many turn to in order to burn belly fat naturally.

As a skull shining technique, it raises the metabolism rate, digestion and thus, helps in decreasing weight completely.


  • Sit on the floor with folded legs and erect spine.
  • Close your eyes, place your right and left palms on the right and left knees, respectively.
  • Start slowly to inhale and exhale gently with all your might in a way that sinks your stomach inside out.
  • Repeat this whole procedure around 15 times.


2. The Superman pose (Viparita Shalabhasana)

The Superman pose extends and strengthens the abdomen muscles and the lower back. This is an outstanding posture and makes a huge difference in mastering the contour of your belly.


  • Rest on your stomach with your feet reaching each other.
  • Now spread your arms in front of you raising your chest, arms, shoulders, and legs off the floor.
  • Take a long breath and have all the awareness on the stretch.
  • Now exhale and slowly lower down your raised arms, chest and legs.


3. Bow pose (Dhanurasana)

This yoga pose not only aids in losing weight, but also extends and exerts pressure on your stomach. Surely, it is an excellent belly massage that battles constipation and stimulates digestion with yoga.


  • Lie low on the stomach with arms at the sides and legs spread.
  • Slowly take the knees upward, then bend and take your arms again to hold the feet or ankles.
  • Keep to the position while breathing normally.
  • Exhale and return to the regular position.
  • Repeat the pose for 5-8 times.


4. Camel Hinge (Uttrasana)

A superb treatment to tone up the abs, improve digestion and respiration!


  • Kneel on the floor and ensure your toes are cooped under.
  • Pull your arms straight before your chest with palms facing downwards.
  • Start shoeing backward turning the shoulders back making an arch.
  • Pause and focus as your chest loosens up.
  • Repeat after slowly returning to the initial position.


5. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

One of the finest poses to trim those extra inches off your belly. While doing this, you have to level out your entire body, which causes you to experience the strain on your belly, thus granting you a stronger abdomen.


  • Stand erect with shoulders and hips aligned.
  • Stiffen your core muscles and downshift all your weight to the left foot.
  • Inhale and lift your arms up overhead.
  • Exhale and hold this position for at least five deep breaths.


6. Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

Again another yoga exercise to chuck out belly fat. This supports digestion and removal of toxins from the body. Cobra poses remedies of abdominal dysfunctions and kills stress.


  • Simply lay flat on your stomach with knees of both legs meeting each other
  • Lift upward your head, neck, shoulder, and chest
  • The whole weight of your upper body will get on your hands and thighs.
  • Slowly bring your head to the ground.
  • Repeat the cycle 5 times every day.


7. Warrior pose (Veerbhadrasana)

This yoga pose helps to stretch and strengthen the abdominal muscles, counteracts constipation and aids digestion. It also demands a lot of balance and as a result, provides your tummy a fabulous workout.


  • Stand straight with hands on the sides.
  • Then spread your legs aside and pull your left foot out behind.
  • The other foot will rotate inward to make a 45-degree angle.
  • Go ahead with your left knee doing a 90-degree angle and then let the other leg extend accurately.
  • Now go into a namaste position, taking your arms up above the head.
  • Look up, and stretch your back a bit.
  • Hold on for 10 seconds and replicate the same with other foot/side.


8. Hip lift (Lotus hip lift)

A challenging pose so that your abs do much of work besides your arm, and the core never gets a rest all through the practice.


  • Exercise your palms into the floor.
  • Try to lift your body putting pressure on arms and hands.


Are you too annoyed of that last bit of stomach fat that your body holds on to? Just merge these yoga poses with a normal lifestyle and diet, and get that extra flab expelled from your body.

What’s more? It also boosts your body’s metabolism, strengthens your core and sheds that extra fat.

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