Amazing Benefits of Listening To Music During Meditation

Music provides a lot of benefits. And most of these..

Listening To Music During Meditation

Amazing Benefits of Listening To Music During Meditation

Music provides a lot of benefits. And most of these benefits largely affect the mental and emotional aspects of an individual.

This is why you would see a lot of people turn to music when they feel sad, down, or stressed. For some reason, there is something about music that helps them soothe their minds and emotions.

But even so, these are not mainly the reasons why music is very much recommendable when you do your meditation. In fact, some people prefer to meditate without having any sound or music that surrounds them. And this is okay. However, they are missing a lot!

So, if you are not fond of having music when you meditate, this may help you change your ways! This is because when you include music into your meditation practices, you can experience these amazing benefits:

Reduction in the levels of stress and anxiety

Today, a lot of people listen to music, especially when they feel overwrought and tired. This is actually because the music itself can reduce stress and anxiety effectively. And much more if you include it in your meditation practices.

Keep in mind that meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, people who suffer from depression are recommended to do meditation every day. Hence, mixing these two things together can largely help you manage your stress and anxiety.

You should try it!

The sounds of nature improve our concentration

Including music in your meditation does not necessarily mean that you need to take music lessons just to apply it. You don’t even need to learn or get to know with all of the music genres available today. Apparently, even just the sound that you naturally hear from nature can already be a great addition to your meditation.

Whether it be the sound of rain or the chirping of birds, they can help you in your meditation effectively. And certainly, you will feel more alive and refreshed as you do your meditation.

Moreover, you can also improve your concentration since the sound of nature is also a great tool to clear your mind.

This is also why you would see a lot of meditation smartphone apps today that already come with nature sounds to choose from.

It improves brain functioning

It already established as a common knowledge that music can dramatically improve brain functions. This is why you would notice a lot of parents send their kids at a very young age to different music classes and lessons.

They know that music can definitely help their children perform well in their respective academic standings and other extra-curricular activities.

Now, the relaxing music that is usually utilized in many meditation practices works the same to everyone.

It is seen that people who do meditation together with music have improved their respective brain functionalities – from communication, speech, and language all the way to reasoning, logic, and spatial abilities.

So, if you want to enhance further your meditation practices and improve your state of mind, then including music in your meditation routines may largely help you.

Inspires you

According to actual people who listen to music as they do their meditation practices, they feel more inspired after the session. Apparently, music alone can inspire you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

So, when you allow the music of your choice to be included in your meditation routines, it will positively affect you.

This is because meditation can ease and calm your mind, thus, it will make you feel even great about yourself.

People normally find inspiration through music. And so much more when your mind and emotions are calm and peaceful because of your meditation.

Meditation music can activate and elevate your energy levels

Notice how many active people utilize music as they do their work out routines. You will see that they feel more alive and active.

And this is because music affects their energy levels in totality. Well, the same is true when you include music in your meditation practices.

It will allow you to absorb more energy and boost your energy levels. Also, combining music and meditation practices together can further increase the production of your serotonin and endorphin levels.

Not only that this will activate your energy levels, but it will make you feel even good.

Make you more confident and highly productive

In relation to activating your energy levels, music and meditation can generally make you more confident about yourself.

Keep in mind that meditation alone will help you feel good about yourself inside and out. And adding music into your practices will even improve this process.

Also, your productivity levels will be improved. Since this practice can boost your energy levels, you will feel more energetic to do more things.

You will feel inspired to do more. Whether it may be tasks from your work or simple chores from your daily routine, this will surely help you.

Hence, the next time that you feel down and tired as if you no longer have the energy to do anything, try to do a quick meditation with a relaxing music as you do the whole process.

Now, meditation provides a lot of benefits to every individual who does it on a daily basis.

But these benefits are much more effective and useful when you include music as you do the practice. And the given points above are only some of them.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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