Best Outdoor Activities for Weight Loss and Mental Health

The crazy pace of our lives has forced us to..

Best Outdoor Activities for Weight Loss and Mental Health

Best Outdoor Activities for Weight Loss and Mental Health

The crazy pace of our lives has forced us to spend most of our time sitting inside, feeling caged and stressed out. We rush from our homes to work, working behind the closed doors, only to go rushing back home to do house chores.

The truth is – we need the outdoors to get rid of the daily stress. And we need physical activity to keep our body healthy and free of the excess weight.

So, you need to do your best to find a physical activity that you can do outside. Make a habit of it and let yourself enjoy. If you need some suggestions, here they are.

1. Beach volleyball to develop competitive spirit

This is a mix of so many great things – you will get to be active with your friends and engage in a competitive sport while enjoying the sun above you and sand under your feet.

This isn’t a physical activity that could lead to a serious injury but it will definitely make you burn a lot of calories without you even noticing.

Having fun with people close to you will guarantee you will get rid of a lot of stress in the process.

2. Sit in a kayak follow the stream

If you want to experience a unique fun, try out kayaking. This sport gives you the opportunity to be the one with the nature around you.

The presence of water around you will be incredibly healing and refreshing.

You will be able to enjoy the ride with people close to you (or any other people for that matter, which is a great way to make friends) and test your strength and durability.

3. Pedaling instead of walking

The bike is a great means of transport if you make a habit out of it. Let’s be honest – there are many opportunities where you don’t need to use a car but a bike would suffice.

Moreover, it can be a way to rest your mind while cycling through a park or along a river. It is an activity that’s easy on your joints and muscles but really makes you fit.

Just a bit of cycling will help you get rid of the excess weight. To avoid getting bored, always change the route and make it a challenge to find new ways of reaching a certain point.

4. Outdoor yoga for a spiritual revival

If you are more prone to a gentle physical activity, then outdoor yoga is simply perfect for you. It will stretch your body and help you calm your mind and find your inner peace in natural surroundings.

You will learn how to focus on your breath and let go of other thoughts that bother you. Simultaneously, you will strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and lose weight.

In yoga, everything happens slowly, allowing you to adapt. If you want to really tone it down, try out Kundalini or Hatha yoga. The more advanced types such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga will definitely increase your heart rate.

5. Take your skis and enjoy the white slopes

It’s no wonder why the majority of people who try skiing never let go of it.

There’s something freeing in the feeling of sliding down a white, peaceful mountain into the deep. At the same time, you experience the excitement of the speed and pure joy.

In other words, skiing is a wonderful combination of a mind that simply lets go and the pure energy and adrenaline that go through your body.

As a big bonus, skiing will do wonders for your body. It’s a sport that activates your whole body, making it strong and agile.

Give it a chance and consult agencies that offer excellent skiing destinations all over the world. Professionals like Liquid Snow Tours are amazing when it comes to choices of ski tours perfect for any type of skiers.

6. Hike and clear your mind and body

One of the most powerful outdoor activities is definitely hiking. Its influence on our wellbeing and our mental health is incredible.

Exploring natural beauties while trying to reach a certain point is highly enriching for you. You get to detach yourself from the city noises, the rush and madness and reconnect with nature. Simultaneously, you will stretch your legs and test your fitness.

The great thing about hiking is that you get to choose between various walking tours of different levels of difficulty and length. That way, you will see new places every time and raise the bar as your fitness improves.

7. Trampoline – who cares you’re not a kid

The trampoline can be great fun for the whole family. Children love it for a good reason – it’s an amazing feeling of “flying” through the air, feeling weightless at least for a second or two.

Having a trampoline in your own backyard is a reason enough to go outside and put your mind at ease while jumping on it.

What you don’t know is that a trampoline is a great exercise for your whole body. It activates a large number of muscles, especially if you try to make specific moves.

8. Swimming as a form of meditation

Being in the water is a special feeling indeed. We feel light and refreshed. No wonder many people choose this activity over others – it is almost completely injury-free and it activates every muscle in your body. Not to mention how effective swimming is for weight loss.

No matter what your age is, you will be able to take it up. As it doesn’t strain your joints and muscles, you will be able to stay active for much longer than being on land.

Plus, it will force you to focus on the moves only, allowing your mind to let go of the worries. So, jump into a pool or in a lake and let the water take you to another place (in your mind, of yourse)!

9. Walking doesn’t mean just going from point A to point B

If you have ever thought that walking isn’t really an activity, think again. Even if it’s something you do unconsciously while doing something else, it doesn’t mean it can’t be an effective activity.

On the contrary, it’s a form of activity that helps you lose weight slowly, but steadily and keeps you mentally fit, too.

First of all, it’s a low-impact activity. How often do you get injured by simply walking, right? Also, this activity is recommendable to everybody, even the elderly.

It’s the safest form of keeping fit. The trick to make it beneficial to your mental health is to walk mindfully. This means you shouldn’t walk just to get to the store or to pick up your kids from school. Let your walking mean something.

Whether you do it on your own or with somebody, make it meditative and relaxing. Don’t rush yourself or get distracted by anything.

Enjoy the pace and the view. Clear your mind and admire the nature or the people you pass by. Pay attention to details, notice something new. That way, you won’t feel tiredness and your mind will be able to decompress.

Final words

Outdoor activities are a perfect combination of mental and physical benefits. Your mental health will best be improved if you go outside and do something.

Your body will be grateful to you, too. If you manage to achieve a balance between mental and physical health, you’ll feel amazing. So, choose an activity and go for it.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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