Booty & Leg Blaster Full Workout Routine

This is a fresh new leg and booty workout, if..

Booty & Leg Blaster Full Workout Routine

This is a fresh new leg and booty workout, if you are looking to grow your booty then this is a great workout for you! 

There are tons of strength exercises to build those leg muscles and really tone that butt, i would suggest warming up on the treadmill before you continue with this assault on your legs and butt.


Build Muscle
Single Muscle Group
Barbell, Dumbbells, Machine, Cables

Workout Description:

This leg and booty workout has total of 34 sets and 8 exercises. The muscle groups that are worked are Booty, calf, quads and hamstring. Also as this is an advanced workout you will need to preform this once a week to allow for recovery.

Use these tips:

  • Warm up 5 mins on the treadmill or 1 – 2 warm up sets of the first exercise to save injury.
  • Use the correct form! Watch the video above to learn each exercise or click on each exercise below! 
  • After 6 weeks move on to a different advanced Leg workout program.
  • Can’t see the workout below? Turn your Phone or Ipad to the side!


Booty & Leg Workout:
Booty & Legs
Barbell Squat55
Barbell Stiff-legged Deadlift55
Barbell Glute Bridge312
Dumbbell Lunges312
Leg Press510
Standing Glute Kickback58
Standing Calf Raises312
Seated Calf Raises58

NOTE: If you cannot see the full workout turn your phone or tablet to the side.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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