Burn More Calories When You Fly

Taking to the skies this holiday season? If lots of..

Burn More Calories When You Fly

Taking to the skies this holiday season?

If lots of air travel is on your agenda, you might be wondering what are some easy ways to keep your health and fitness goals on track.

Don’t miss these 9 helpful ideas for burning more calories when you fly:

Make the most of your flight delay or layover – spending a couple hours in the airport during a layover? Don’t spend this free time lazing about watching Netflix on your smartphone or hitting the bar. Make the most of it with simple airport exercise like:

  • Get more steps in by walking around your terminal
  • Use apps like 7-Minute Workout to do quick high-intensity exercises using airport chairs and walls
  • Grab healthy snacks like dried fruit and nut mixes or fresh vegetable packs


Skip The Junk Food

Sure filling up on a hot pretzel and a bag of gummy candies seems like a tasty idea in the short term, but consuming junk food when flying will only leave you feeling heavy and bloated on your flight.

The added salt, sugar, and fat in many processed foods go about increasing your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which could leave you crashing hours later when you land.

Prevent Common Pains

Nothing makes you want to skip a workout and take a nap more than a sore back or neck.

As airline seats have seemingly gotten smaller and more scrunched together, staying comfortable and avoiding unwanted back or neck strain seems almost impossible on a plane.

When traveling by air, neck pillows and flying seat cushions can provide much-needed comfort and support.

Drink More Water

You might think a quick cocktail at the airport bar is the best way to chill out before a long flight, but the extra calories and added sugar aren’t really doing your body any good.

Focus on drinking more water and less caffeine and alcohol when traveling. Not only will this help your body stay hydrated and flush out unwanted toxins, but regular water drinking can boost your metabolic rate.

Stress Less

Want to feel more alert, happy, and focused on your flight? It’s so easy to let waves of stress wash over you when your flight is suddenly delayed, the airport loses your luggage, or you’re simply anxious about traveling by plane.

Practice deep breathing techniques, drown out busy airport hum by listening to relaxing music with your smartphone and earbuds, or try meditating in an empty or quieter part of the airport.

Track Your Activity

Burning more calories when you fly might simply be a matter of tracking the data!

Wearable fitness technology including FitBit and Bellabeat will help you monitor how many steps you’re taking so you can hit your daily goals even when you’re traveling.

They also share stats around calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, and more.

Watch Something Funny

Did you know that even laughing burns calories? For longer cross-country or international flights, opt to watch a funny movie over a thriller or drama.

Laughing has been shown to burn between 10 and 40 calories for every 10 to 15 minutes of it.

Practice Good Posture

Making a point to sit up straight when waiting in the airport and sitting in the plane won’t just make you look taller and leaner.

Good posture habits help to strengthen abdominal muscles as well as prevent joint stiffness and muscle tension.

Feeling limber and refreshed from sitting up straight will help you make healthier choices once you land as well.

Stand More

You’re already going to be sitting for the duration of your flight, so why spend more time being sedentary than you have to?

Waiting in the airport to board or between flights should be full of standing. It stimulates your body’s metabolism and encourages you to fidget more which also burns more calories.

Frequent air travel doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your waistline.

Smart tips including tracking your steps, watching what you eat, standing more, and using travel cushions can help you stay comfortable and burn more calories – a great idea, especially for the holidays!

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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