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  • The push up partner challenge

    We hope you are enjoying these challenges, if you have any challenges you want to a share with us they will make it to our website! Contact us today!  Right this challenge you can either be side by side or opposite your gym partner. You will need the following: Gym mat or yoga mat. Gym […]

  • The Pyramid Challenge

    Right guys this is our third challenge we hope you enjoyed the plank challenge, i know you guys did! The Pyramid Challenge…..   Right you will need to stand opposite your gym partner. (Don’t over estimate with the weight like i did) You will need: Gym partner. Ez curl bar. Weights. Surface to place the […]

  • The Plank Challenge Grab a Gym Partner Today

    Right guys and girls this is our second challenge hope you enjoyed the first one, i know we did. The plank Challenge….. Right you will need a gym partner its always better when you can beat a friend and get stronger at the same time! You will need: Gym mat/yoga mat. Gym partner. Stop watch […]