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  • Daniel Messer Get Shredded Trainer Supplements

    HOME | TRAINING | CALENDER We have a massive variety of supplement companies on the market today! But which one do you choose do you go with the most popular ones? or do you stick local and support your local supplement store? The answer is, its up to you! Personally i always look for a whey that’s […]

  • Daniel Messer Get Shredded Trainer Nutrition

    HOME | TRAINING | CALENDER How Carb Cycling Works In carb cycling, your week is divided among three types of days: no carb days, low-carb days and high-carb days. NO CARB DAYS: On these, you eat high-fiber vegetables such as leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, onions, peppers and mushrooms freely, along with lean protein and a serving […]

  • Daniel Messer Get Shredded Trainer Basics

    HOME | CALENDER | SUPPLEMENTS Here are some proven strategies that you can use to lose fat permanently. 1. Change the way you look at fat loss The first and the most important strategy to effective fat loss is to change your mind set of temporary weight loss to permanent fat loss. Think about all […]

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    This is Daniel Messer’s Get Shredded Trainer. Throughout this 28 day series, i will be taking you through the basics, nutrition, how to stay motivated and the workout calendar 28 days of workouts broken down into each day. Main | Basics | Training | Nutrition | Supplements | Workout Calender Step One: Video Overviews Watch each one of […]