German Volume Training


  • German Volume Training (GVT) Routine

    German Volume Training (GVT) Routine EXPLAINED!

    Is German Volume Training For You? If you are an intermediate or advanced lifter looking to put on massive muscle gains, then German Volume Training (GVT) is for you. Weightlifters in Germany used this method during off season to gain lean body mass. This method was so effective some lifters moved up a whole weight […]

  • gvt chest back

    German Volume Training | Day 1| Chest and Back | Week 1-6

    This will be your first session in the new German volume training (gvt) regime… As always we will kick this off with chest and back be prepared because this will be one of the toughest workouts your going to encounter! Right then lets get to the workout… Once you have completed the 10 x 10 […]

  • german volume training

    German Volume Training

    German volume training applies very high volume to specific muscle groups. It is known to be brutally hard, yet effective at packing on lean muscle fast. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity or small numbers, this will bring you pain. It has been effective for many weightlifters and bodybuilders. Is German Volume Training For You? If […]