• 7 Home Remedies for Poison Ivy Rash

    7 Home Remedies for Poison Ivy Rash

    What’s poisonous about poison ivy? Poison ivy sap is found in nearly every part of the plant, including the leaves, stems, and roots. The sap contains an oil called urushiol, a pale-yellow, oily substance. If any of this extremely sticky oil touches the skin, it can cause a blistering skin rash. Urushiol is also found […]

  • How to Remove Pesticides from Vegetables and Fruits

    How to Remove Pesticides from Vegetables and Fruits

    What Is a Pesticide? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the government body that regulates pesticides in the U.S., a pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest. Though often misunderstood to refer only to insecticides, the term pesticide also applies to herbicides, fungicides, and […]

  • Spinal Cord Injury

    The Role of Good Nutrition Following a Spinal Cord Injury

    Good nutrition is key to a healthy life. But for individuals with spinal cord injuries, following a balanced diet and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is perhaps even more important. Further medical complications can arise for those who have sustained a severe injury to the spine, if they have a lack of good nutrition. […]

  • What Are The Benefits of Clementine Oil

    What Are The Benefits of Clementine Oil?

    What Is Clementine Oil Used For?  Clementine Oil, like all citrus fruits, is rich in Vitamin C which helps collagen production and supports skin’s structure. It also includes flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that protect against free radical damage and promote skin’s healing ability for a reduced appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. Clementine oil is also […]

  • Exercises to Ease Stiffness and Lower Back Pain

    Simple Back Exercises to Ease Stiffness and Lower Back Pain

    Back pain and stiffness are quite common occurrences for both the young and the old. As the body grows, your muscles and bones will be exposed to many twists and turn with the activities that you do every day. This brings common back pain and stiffness that can fade away with rest and proper posture. […]

  • Dementia and Physical Activity Exercises That Can Help

    Dementia and Physical Activity: Exercises That Can Help

    Similarly, they can partake in exercises, with the right care and help, to keep themselves as physically fit as possible. Appropriate exercises can refresh the outlook of people in all stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It releases brain chemicals that help them become more positive and beat feelings related to depression and restlessness. Besides […]

  • Simple Foods That Build Brain Health And Focus

    Every brain changes with age, and mental function changes along with it. Mental decline is common, and it’s one of the most feared consequences of aging. But cognitive impairment is not inevitable. Here are several ways you can help maintain brain function: Get physical exercise Research shows that using your muscles also helps your mind. […]

  • Could YOU Have Lyme Disease Facts You NEED to Know

    Could YOU Have Lyme Disease? Facts You NEED to Know

    What is Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia, a spirochete bacteria. It’s the most common tick-borne infectious disease in the northern hemisphere and there are multiple strains of the bacteria. Lyme disease is endemic in many parts of the United Kingdom. Particularly in woodland or heath-land areas but disease carrying ticks can also […]

  • 8 Ways Fitness Benefits Those in Addiction Recovery

    8 Ways Fitness Benefits Those in Addiction Recovery

    When you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, you need all the help you can get. Experts recommend a combination of rehabilitation and aftercare. They also recommend regular workouts. Regular exercise can play a significant role during the process because of its unlimited benefits. Here are some of them. It reduces stress Anxiety and […]

  • How Do You Avoid Shin Splints

    How Do You Avoid Shin Splints?

    Shin splints is the name for pain in the shins, or the front of the lower legs, usually caused by exercise. They’re common in people who do a lot of running or other activities that involve repeatedly putting weight on the legs, such as tennis or basketball. They aren’t usually serious, but can stop you from […]