• My Gym My Rules How to Create Your Own Home Fitness Studio

    My Gym, My Rules: How to Create Your Own Home Fitness Studio

    Anyone who has ever hit the gym knows of the hardships of working alongside other people. There are all kinds of freaks that like to yell, act aggressively or leave the machines soaked with their sweat. Since exercising is as much about physical fitness, as it is about mental focus, there isn’t a single gym-goer […]

  • Role of Yoga in Fighting Stress

    Role of Yoga in Fighting Stress

    Stress has become part and parcel of our lives. It is difficult to find someone who is not suffering from stress; some are bothered due to personal reasons while others are bothered due to professional reasons. No one ever promised that life was going to be easy, but the problem is people are not able […]

  • 5 Methods that Will Keep You Motivated for Training & Workout

    5 Methods that Will Keep You Motivated for Training & Workout

    Doing workout and training on regular basis is undoubtedly healthy for everyone and may be crucial for some people. It’s a finer way to keep yourself fit and healthy to enjoy your life to the fullest. It also keeps you at bay from the risk of developing certain diseases. However, following the same routine can […]

  • Festive Fitness Great Gifts For People Who Are Mad About Health

    Festive Fitness: Great Gifts For People Who Are Mad About Health

    The festive season is fast approaching, and chances are you’ll be drawing up a list of the perfect gifts to give to friends and family. It’s always a smart move to choose based on people’s interests, and thankfully if you have a fitness buff on your list of recipients then there are lots of different […]

  • Staying Fit with Dancing

    5 Steps to Staying Fit with Dancing

    Outsmarting Yourself Exercising is good for the body, and it’s good for the mind—but the mind can get bored. What do you think is easier: running along a picturesque trail at the foot of the mountains, or jogging in place on a treadmill in a reeking gym full of depressed looking peers in sweaty workout […]

  • Boost Productivity

    10 Best Ways to Boost Productivity

    There are many things that can influence our mood and behaviour at work, from tiredness due to the lack of sleep to stress due to relationship issues. Luckily, there are also many ways in which we can improve our work habits and achieve better results. While some of them might require a bit more effort, […]

  • 10 Health Trends Likely to Make Waves In 2019

    As we inch closer to the end of 2018, a season where most people wind down and begin to plan for the New Year, one of the top priorities for most people’s resolutions is their health. Statements such as ‘exercise more’, ‘eat healthier’, or ‘take care of my health’, always pop up. The trends for […]

  • Listening To Music During Meditation

    Amazing Benefits of Listening To Music During Meditation

    Music provides a lot of benefits. And most of these benefits largely affect the mental and emotional aspects of an individual. This is why you would see a lot of people turn to music when they feel sad, down, or stressed. For some reason, there is something about music that helps them soothe their minds […]

  • 5 Powerful Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

    5 Powerful Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

    Yoga. What sensation does this word give to you? Spirituality, mindfulness, wellness, enlightenment or peace? One can choose any one or all of these depending on how deep you are aware of the science. A learned yogi defines Yoga as a discipline of overall fitness, incorporating physical, mental as well as spiritual aspects. The physical […]