• Why Diets Fail

    5 Reasons Why Diets Fail

    Only a very small percentage of people that start a diet will actually finish it and get the results they want. You can greatly increase your odds of being one of the successful people by simply understanding why diets fail, and then taking action to work around these problems. The following are my top 5 […]

  • Dress For Aerobics Classes

    How to Dress For Aerobics Classes

    Aerobics is the perfect training programme for everyone who wants to lose weight, tone their muscles or simply start living healthy. The choice of activewear is very diverse, which gives you the opportunity to pick just the perfect clothing for your aerobics class. From lively bright colours to moisture-wicking fabrics, a myriad of quality training […]

  • Workout on a Busy Schedule

    5 Ways to Get in a Workout on a Busy Schedule

    Nowadays, a huge number of people can’t seem to find the time to work out. And it is common knowledge that maintaining an active lifestyle simply needs to be one of our top priorities in life. Considering that most of us have a busy schedule, it is really hard to keep an eye on fitness. […]

  • Joining a Group Sport

    5 Benefits of Joining a Group Sport

    Being a part of a sports team is an incredible experience. You’re getting regular daily exercise with your friends, you’re socializing, getting to know each other and on top of that, you are doing wonders for your health and fitness. Exercising at the gym has that shortcoming of having to do everything by yourself and […]

  • Practice Yoga Daily

    5 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga Daily

    Nowadays, yoga is usually seen as more of a spiritual activity or a hobby than as a form of exercise that can improve your health in a way other exercises can. However, the truth is that yoga has numerous benefits for both your body and your mind ‒ and all you need in order to […]

  • Beginner Running Tips

    Top 10 Beginner Running Tips To Help You Get Started!

    So, you’ve decided you want to start running. Congrats on your excellent life choice! But you should know about some important running tips that I and many of my fellow runners follow. Firstly, you’re probably imagining yourself on your first run: feeling like you’re flying as your hair blows beautifully in the wind, your neighbors […]

  • Fitness Goals Before 2018

    How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals Before 2018

    New Year’s resolutions are an amazing motivator for those who already have the discipline to commit to their new goals. But for most of us mere mortals, getting off the couch and putting in the needed work and imagination takes more than that. So why not switch the perspective and treat this New Year as […]

  • Ever Do at the Gym

    5 Things You Should Never, Ever Do at the Gym

    Knowing which fitness roads not to go down is the key to reaching your goals and getting on the fast tracks to maximizing gains. For better or worse, the list of don’ts is actually much longer than the dos one. There are plenty of specific tips that good trainers can share with you, but we […]

  • Perfect Personal Gym

    5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Personal Gym

    Health and fitness craze is sweeping the nation and by the looks of things, it appears to be more than a simple trend. We see more and more people committing themselves to various forms of physical activities. Most of which are oriented towards the outdoors. Running and cycling through parks and open water swimming has […]