Muscle Building


  • The Science Behind Muscle Soreness And Building Muscle Mass

    We’ve always said that combining an active lifestyle with healthy eating makes you more likely to lose weight and keep it off. So now you’re thinking about hitting the gym and maybe even building up some muscle. Well, we’ve enlisted two fitness experts to help you understand how muscles get big. And believe it or […]

  • What Makes Muscles Grow? Learn How To Grow Muscles Fast!

    If you want to develop more muscle, then you better get ready to do some hard work and prepare for slow gains. Learn about resistance training, diet and rest. I’m sure that most people who have performed some form of resistance training have wanted to increase their muscle mass at one time or another. But […]

  • Do Low-Carb Diets Cause Muscle Loss? Detailed Guide

    So many people still ask me that question. For those scratching their heads in disbelief. I’ve been saying for years that low-carbohydrate diets most certainly do not dull your anabolic response to weight training. Now we’ve got the science to prove it. First of, carbohydrates are sugars. They have traditionally been viewed as the fuel […]

  • How to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness Fast With These 10 Tips

    What Causes Sore Muscles? Muscle soreness, in a nutshell, occurs due to “microtrauma” of the muscle fibers and connective tissues. I know, it doesn’t sound pretty, but I promise, it’s a completely natural result of the breaking down of muscle that occurs during weight lifting or strenuous training. These tiny tears cause pain due to […]

  • Gain Muscle: Gain More Muscle By Training Less Often

    The more work you put into something, the better results you will achieve. This has always been a widely accepted truth that applies to many areas of life. The harder you study, the better grades you will achieve. The more time you spend fine-tuning your athletic skills, the better athlete you will become. The longer […]

  • How To Build Monster Traps With These Great Exercises

    1. Deadlift Deadlifts should be the staple of EVERYONE’S workout. Try all different variations: conventional barbell deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, dumbbell deadlifts, wide-grip deadlifts, deficit deadlifts, rack pulls. The list goes on and on. The deadlift is the best exercise for the whole posterior chain, and it is a fantastic way to pack on mass to […]

  • The Top 10 Bicep Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them

    Biceps are one of the most sought after muscle groups to be developed worldwide. They are also one of the easiest to mess up on training as so much can go wrong. This is why I have decided to compile a top 10 list on biceps training mistakes. I have seen errors in the gym […]

  • What Is Powerlifting? What Are The Benefits?

    What is Powerlifting? Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. It involves the athlete attempting a maximal weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as “odd lifts”. Which followed the […]