• Reasons Why You Need To BUY A Treadmill TODAY

    Reasons Why You Need To BUY A Treadmill TODAY

    Obesity is probably the most common health issue in the world. About one-third of the world adult population is overweight. Putting that in a layman’s perspective, we can say something like, out of approximately 7 billion people in the world somewhere between 2 billion to 2.5 billion people are fat. Another way to look at […]

  • 3 Attitudes That Cement The Fitness Lifestyle

    3 Attitudes That Cement The Fitness Lifestyle

    It’s easy to look at those who are successful at leading a fit and healthy lifestyle as those out of a fantasy novel. How do they do it? How do they find the time? Don’t they hate every single workout, as it’s no lie that pain is often felt in the throes of hard physical […]

  • Write For Us - Guest Bloggers Welcome

    Write For Us, Submit An Article, Guest Post, Contribute

    We’re looking for guest bloggers and we welcome contributions to either site from experienced coaches, trainers, fitness professionals, and industry experts.  All submissions should be original, previously unpublished work, and follow the standards. We want to make sure your content ALWAYS benefits our readers. With these Simple rules: Rule #1: Authors don’t have to have a track […]

  • How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

    Not everyone has the time, confidence or the patience to stick to a gym schedule that will be the foundation of your health and fitness goals. But instead of abandoning your aspirations altogether, you can do your best to create a suitable training environment in your home that will serve the same purpose without the […]

  • Extract From Red Hot Peppers Boosts Metabolic Rate, study shows

    Newly published study shows supplementation of capsicum extract helps increase metabolic rate ‍Morristown, N.J., August 7, 2017  As we age, managing healthy weight may become more difficult due to a slowing metabolism. However, help may come from a fiery source—the capsicum pepper. A recent paper, Capsaicinoids Enhance Metabolic Rate in Normal Healthy Individuals using a Novel […]

  • What Is Eczema & Your Natural Eczema Solution

    Eczema can be a real problem in your life, it can have profound effects and literally stop you living your life how you would like to. Many people find that the solutions they receive from their Doctors is either unsatisfactory or plain old just doesn’t work. If this is at all familiar, try out some […]

  • For A Healthy Living: Just Enjoy A Variety Of Vegetables

    Eating healthy is important for everyone – and I bet: you know that already… Plus: one of the most important keys to eating a better diet is eating more fruits and vegetables. I bet again: you knew that too. But: Vegetables Many people are unsure how to use vegetables more effectively as part of their […]

  • Post Workout Nutrition: What Should You Eat After Working Out

    You have to plan and take the most central meal of the day correctly if you want your diet campaign to maximize muscle growth. This important meal is, of course, the one you have post workout. A large proportion of veterans as well as almost all novice weightlifters underrate the magnitude of the post workout […]

  • How To Do Seated Ez Bar Curls

    Muscle Groups worked: Middle Back This is a great exercise if you want to achieve the “pump” it is perfect if your a beginner or even an expert.  It is a fantastic exercise if your trying to gain strength and is also a great isolation exercise! Doing a pull day? This exercise is perfect for you!  […]