• How Many Goji Berries Should I Eat a Day?

    How Many Goji Berries Should I Eat a Day?

    What are goji berries? Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are a reddish-orange berry with a slightly sweet and usually a bit sour in flavor. One variety of goji berries has a flavor almost like a tomato while another leans more toward the tanginess side of the berry family — closer to a raspberry in flavor. […]

  • Write For Us

    Write For Us – Guest Bloggers Welcome

    We’re looking for guest bloggers and we welcome contributions to either site from experienced coaches, trainers, fitness professionals, and industry experts.  All submissions should be original, previously unpublished work, and follow the standards. We want to make sure your content ALWAYS benefits our readers. With these Simple rules: Rule #1: Authors don’t have to have a track […]

  • Average Person is Eating 50% More Calories

    NEWS FLASH FRIDAY: Average Person is Eating 50% More Calories

    Average person is eating 50% more calories than they realise, data shows Official statistics show the number of calories people consume has dropped – however, the population has continued to gain weight. Adults in the UK are underestimating the calories they consume by 50%, according to new statistics. Data suggests that men consume 1,000 more […]

  • Processed Food Raises Cancer Risk

    NEWS FLASH FRIDAY: Eating More Processed Food Raises Cancer Risk

    Consuming foods like fizzy drinks, crisps and ready meals is linked to a higher risk of developing the disease, a study finds. Increasing the amount of ultra-processed food in a person’s diet proportionately increases their risk of cancer, a large study has found. An examination of the food intake and health of nearly 105,000 people […]

  • Keto Diet Can Slow Aging Process

    NEWS FLASH FRIDAY: Keto Diet Can Slow Aging Process

    The Keto diet can slow aging: Following a low-carb, high-fat eating plan may prevent a host of diseases including Alzheimer’s Shunning carbs causes the body to release the chemical β-hydroxybutyrate β-hydroxybutyrate protects cells from ‘internal stress’ and genetic damage It does this by blocking an enzyme that prevents the activation of certain genes The researchers plan […]

  • High-Cholesterol Diet Causes Tumours

    NEWS FLASH FRIDAY: High-Cholesterol Diet Causes Tumours

    High-cholesterol diets send cancer cells into overdrive and cause tumours to grow 100 times faster, according to new research. Scientists have explained for the first time the mechanism that allows fatty cholesterol to increase significantly the risk of colon cancers, opening the door for new drugs that could prevent this. As well as looking at ways that this cancer-boosting pathway could be […]

  • Carb Blocker Proven

    NEWS FLASH FRIDAY: Carb Blocker Proven by Science

    The carb blocker proven by science to promote weight loss and prevent post-meal slumps (and is available for just £25) Tribitor is dissolved in water and drank 15 minutes before eating high-GI foods It inhibits the absorption of carbs, preventing fat deposition around the midriff  The supplement also stops blood sugar spikes and subsequent energy slumps High […]

  • Eating fish weekly raises IQ by almost 5 Points

    Eating fish weekly raises IQ by almost 5 points in children, study finds

    A study by a research team from the University of Pennsylvania found that eating fish at least once a week can raise children’s IQ by nearly 5 points in the Wechsler Intelligence Scale. The study was conducted last month among 541 Chinese children between the ages of 9 and 11. The children answered questionnaires about […]

  • Perfect Home Gym

    How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

    Not everyone has the time, confidence or the patience to stick to a gym schedule that will be the foundation of your health and fitness goals. But instead of abandoning your aspirations altogether, you can do your best to create a suitable training environment in your home that will serve the same purpose without the […]

  • Red Hot Peppers Boosts Metabolic Rate

    Extract From Red Hot Peppers Boosts Metabolic Rate, study shows

    Newly published study shows supplementation of capsicum extract helps increase metabolic rate ‍Morristown, N.J., August 7, 2017  As we age, managing healthy weight may become more difficult due to a slowing metabolism. However, help may come from a fiery source—the capsicum pepper. A recent paper, Capsaicinoids Enhance Metabolic Rate in Normal Healthy Individuals using a Novel […]