• The Truth about Fats in your diet

    Stop treating it like the dirty F-word. Here’s why you need fat to lose weight, improve your mood, and boost your immune system. The Skinny on Fat You’ve shied away from eating it and worked on the treadmill to burn it off. But fat, it turns out, can be your friend. “Your body needs it in order to function,”.”Fats […]

  • 6 Healthy Tips On Making A Salad

    Healthy Eating: 6 Easy Tips for Making a Healthy Salad A seemingly healthy salad can be a calorie bomb when smothered in high-fat dressing. Many popular salads are loaded with calories and fat. Whether you want to get rid of excess weight or improve your health, adding salads to your diet can help you achieve […]

  • Should you keep eggs in the fridge or cupboard?

    There are two types of people in the world: those who keep their eggs in the fridge and those who think room temperature is best. Each camp is convinced of its own common sense – and regards the other lot as cracked. The controversy has raged for years, and the Daily Mail has commissioned a scientific study […]

  • 5 Awesome Ways to get more vitamin D

    People need adequate amounts of vitamin D in order to maintain their health. This vitamin has been linked to stronger bones as well as a lower risk of obesity, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. With the health concerns associated with too much exposure to the sun — a primary way for the body to be able […]

  • Top Five Amazing health benefits of beetroot

    Top Five Amazing Health Benefits of Beetroot

    Beetroot, also often known as the beet, is a root vegetable that has been consumed since ancient times. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks thought beetroot had vitamins and minerals. In fact, today’s studies prove that not only are they loaded with beneficial nutrients. But beetroot is an amazing way to ensure that a person […]

  • 8 Tips to help lose weight

    Putting it into Practice To Help You Lose Weight Start Your Day With a Healthy Breakfast Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Research has found that people who eat breakfast find it easier to control their weight and are slimmer than those who don’t. For ideas on breakfasts which include wholegrain, dairy, fruits, vegetables […]

  • Healthier takeaways

      Takeaways are often cheap, convenient and satisfying but, unfortunately, they’re not always very healthy. Some takeaway meals can push you over your recommended daily maximum amount of salt and fat, which can lead to a variety of health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. Some takeaways and restaurants now list calories on their menus, which lets you opt for something […]

  • What is a superfood and how can it benefit me

    What is a superfood and how can it benefit me?

    We examine the evidence behind the health claims of 10 of the most popular so-called superfoods. So-called, because in fact there is no official definition of a superfood and the EU has banned the use of the word on packaging. But that hasn’t stopped many food brands from funding academics to research the health benefits […]