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  • The Best Protein Pancakes Recipe Around

    Protein Pancakes. This recipe will allow you to make 8 pancakes. A traditional pancake recipe has little nutritional value. These protein pancakes are free of wheat, sugar and made with added protein. Ingredients 2 Scoops of whey protein 1 tbsp cinnamon Coconut oil for frying 4 Scoops oat flour 2 Eggs Instructions Combine the ingredients in a […]

  • High Protein Easy To Make Protein Bars

    High Protein Easy To Make Protein Bars

    These simple yet delicious protein bars will save you £££’s in supplement fees and you will know what is going into it. They are high in protein and really easy to make with a massive 24 servings. Natural ingredients will add great flavour and excellent taste.  35 Cook time | 25 Prep time | 24 Serves […]

  • Paleo Recipe: Baked Salmon with Lemon

      Serves: 6  This baked salmon recipe is simple and quick to make and makes salmon that’s subtle and delicate. The inspiration comes from my mother, who made this all the time. It’s her go-to dish — especially when entertaining. And you know what? Everyone just loves it. Simple fresh fish with simple flavors.  The […]

  • Paleo Recipe: Hunters Stew

    Hunters Stew This will be one of the tastiest paleo foods you will eat me and sam had this for our evening meal and it was filling, we even have left overs for a future meal! 2lbs cubed beef (900g) Potato Chopped into Small Cubes 2C baby carrots, sliced in half lengthwise Butter Coconut oil […]