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  • Food Groups Fats

    Wolvesfitness Academy: Food Groups Fats

    Introduction Fats, also known as lipids, used to be considered to be unhealthy. However, it is known that many fats are beneficial and some are essential for health. Only certain fats are unhealthy. Due to their complex history within dietary research, there are many misconceptions about fats and even literature from official sources may contain […]

  • Food Groups Proteins

    Wolvesfitness Academy: Food Groups Proteins

    Definition Proteins are large molecules composed of chains of amino acids in a specific order. They are held together by peptide bonds (proteins are also called polypeptides). Proteins are important for growth and repair. They are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. Each protein has unique functions. […]

  • Food Groups Carbohydrates

    Wolvesfitness Academy: Food Groups Carbohydrates

    Introduction Carbohydrates are the most abundant of the four major classes of biological molecules that make up the body, which are: Carbohydrates Protein Lipids (also known as fats) Nucleic acids   Carbohydrates provide the body with the energy and energy storage to allow metabolic functions to: Build new molecular structures Rebuild and repair existing structures […]

  • Digestion And Anatomy

    Wolvesfitness Academy: Digestion And Anatomy

    Introduction  The digestion system is the engine of the body; it is where food enters, is broken down and distributed to areas within the body that can process the constituent nutrients. Without a properly functioning digestive system, the body will not have access to the nutrients it needs. This will result in nutritional deficiencies. In […]

  • What Makes a Healthy Diet

    Wolvesfitness Academy: What Makes a Healthy Diet?

    Healthy diets are important for normal growth and development of children as well as for the health of adults. But what is a healthy diet and how can we get this information across to our clients? Diet Components Diet in general contain the following: Proteins, which consists of strings of amino acids. Fats, also known […]

  • The Job of a Nutritionist

    Wolvesfitness Academy: The Job of a Nutritionist

    The Job of a Nutritionist Nutritionists are needed in all walks of life and in all stages of the human life cycle. As a nutritionist you are first and foremost an expert with skills in food and nutrients. You’ll help individuals learn food concepts and you’ll evaluate clients current diets. You’ll make recommendations on how […]

  • Introduction

    Wolvesfitness Academy: Introduction

    Overview We will cover the following topics: The job of a nutritionist Skills needed  Potential Client Groups What makes a healthy diet? Understanding food labels Understanding RDA’s (Recommended Daily Allowances)   Introduction Now more than ever, nutritional consultants are becoming a necessity for children, teens, adults and elderly. Obesity is at an all-time high. More […]