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Product Reviews

I would love to review your product and write a very detailed article/post, i will give my honest opinion on each product i review.

Please email or fill in the contact form below with the product you wish to send and i will send you my address then we will get reviewing. We are based in the UK and shipping costs will have to be covered by you or your company. 

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Please email me with your idea and budget so that I can review this and get back to you. We accept articles and posts on products and websites.

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To get in contact with Dan, fill out the form below. Before emailing us please have a look at the following email policies:

1. We offer perosnalised plans and we have workout guides checkout the online training section above ^^^^.

2. We do accept guest posts on this site from you guys! If I accept your blog post it would need to be around 1500-2000 words. Please note this is for bloggers only, not companies – if you are a company then this would be a sponsored post that you would be interested in. Please follow this link here and follow the guidelines.

3. The content on Wolvesfitness may be reprinted as long as you leave a link back to the original article.

If these guidelines don’t relate to you and you’d like to send me a business proposal, site feedback, or just say hello – great! Just fill out the form below and click submit: