How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

Not everyone has the time, confidence or the patience to..

How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

Not everyone has the time, confidence or the patience to stick to a gym schedule that will be the foundation of your health and fitness goals.

But instead of abandoning your aspirations altogether, you can do your best to create a suitable training environment in your home that will serve the same purpose without the commute.

For those among you who are ready to put in the work but lack the means. The following can be your guide to creating your in-home gym and ensuring safe and effective training sessions!

Don’t skip the dumbbells

From beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, some pieces of equipment such as dumbbells are the go-to tool for cutting, bulking and simply improving one’s endurance and strength.

Their sturdy, versatile nature is what makes them so perfect even for a home environment. So no matter how often you switch up your routine, they’ll fit right in.

Not sure about their size?

If you’re new to the lifting game, and you’re still in the process of refining your goals, getting a few sets that cover your hypertrophy and strength work would be ideal.

So that you can use them both for high-rep and low-rep work.

Test the waters by trying them out on the spot. Or going to a gym for a single session accompanied by a personal trainer to determine your starting weights.

Barbell and weight plates

When it comes to choosing between a standard or an Olympic barbless, the later always wins in terms of your ability to progress and improve your performance.

It’s ideal for compound movements such as squats and deadlifts, and can withstand hundreds of kilograms of weight.

As for obtaining weight plates, since they can be pricey, aim for finding used ones online or searching for specific discounts in your local stores.

That way, you’ll be able to buy more for less and have a wider range of training options with the barbell.

The multi-purpose rack

No home gym can be complete without a power rack for your main moves, and it’s equally perfect for a variety of accessory movements such as pullups, hanging leg raises or spine decompression for after training.

Make sure that your barbells and your rack of choice are compatible in terms of how much weight they can carry, and if possible.

It’s best to purchase one that gives you an added level of security with safety bar catches and that it can fit in your designated gym area – always measure before buying!

Bench press

What’s a routine without the glorious bench press?

For newbies, the floor might be more than enough to perform certain movements without the bench, but a serious lifter with hefty aspirations should make sure the bench weight limit accounts both for your bodyweight and the desired lifting goals.

Once again, used benches are easy enough to find, but check the height so that you can place both your feet flat on the ground and use leg drive during your bench press.

If you can, using an adjustable bench will give you more options to introduce other varieties, such as the inclined bench and target all of your chest muscles more effectively.

Keep your air and floors (c)lean

Unlike your regular, commercial gym that is designed and maintained in such a way to remove and ward off all those lovely odours and pathogens, you’ll need to put in some extra work to keep your in-home gym squeaky clean and safe to use.

Before and after every training session, clean your equipment with the right store-bought or home-made sanitizers to prevent infections.

Additionally, in order for you to be able to train comfortably, finding the best air purifier to keep your home gym free of airborne irritants can make a significant difference in protecting your immune system and optimizing your performance.

This is especially relevant for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or similar respiratory issues.

Supportive gear

Once you have the main lifting equipment ready, the rest will be much easier to procure and store. In order to include some cardio-based exercises, you can opt for a punch bag, or something as simple as a jump rope to get you started.

Foam rollers are simple and effective for increasing your mobility, while resistance bands can be a part of your warmup, and help recover from an injury.

Now, in case you’ve invested in an Olympic barbell and tons of weight plates and you plan to lift heavy, but your gym isn’t in a concrete-floor garage. Then you should definitely consider protective foam tiles that will absorb the impact of heavy lifts and also protect your own joints from wear and tear.

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