Dapper Gym Hairstyles For Men That Will Take Your Workout To The Next Level

"A curve to the right and the next to its..

Dapper Gym Hairstyles

Dapper Gym Hairstyles For Men That Will Take Your Workout To The Next Level

“A curve to the right and the next to its left,” these instructions are not only given by charming ladies. You would also hear men suggesting their stylist about how to make the hair to make it look gym-proof and ever-ready for all the occasions.

Tempting manes are not limited to the ladies; hairstyling has been omnipresent when it comes to grooming and keeping that dapper looks when you go to the gym provides an extra tinge of motivation.

Here are some unassailable mane styles that will rock in the gym.

Long hair

one would think that long hair will cause much trouble during workouts, but it didn’t bother Jason Momoa. He lived and died as Khal Drogo and never missed a day to the gym.

All the more the long hair will only make you look like a warrior preparing for battle.

The Bald Look

well, it isn’t a new hairstyle for men, but you cannot deny the fact that the no hair look is even sportier and make you feel like pumping some serious iron at the gym.

Dwayne Johnson has rocked the bald head since as long as one can remember and look at his body today. Plus he doesn’t have to worry about buying any of the products to keep his looks dapper.

Top Texture

we all love Superman, right! But have you seen Henry Cavil’s textured hairstyle? A perfect mane for workout sessions, this hairstyle lets you move freely when working and it will still look good after long workout sessions.

The short and messy look brings a different flavor to the men’s hairstyles and presents an opportunity to perform diligently at the gym.

Quiff it up or down

Quiff styles are also one of the best looks to adorn for a gym sesh. Slide it down or make it go high with any product to ensure that it stays that way during the hectic sessions.

The product you use should be able to hold it in place as you growl while working and ensures that the adrenaline does not make your hair go haywire.

The Temple Fade haircut

Ask any player who likes to work hard in his workout sessions, what kind of hairstyle you want?

The answer surely will be one that doesn’t make me look like a fool on the ground. Indirectly, he is referring to the all-time favorite, the temple fade cut.

Turn your day into a smart workout and smart hairstyle; this small hairstyle ensures that you get maximum performance during the workout without caring about your hair falling or coming in the way.

The Slide back style

For the white collars who always want people to admire their dapper looks, the slide back hairstyle is perfect.

Hold back your hair with something strong and go for a hectic workout session without having to worry about your charming looks.

Long hair Ponytail

Well, if Jason doesn’t persuade you to keep it open during the sesh, you can always tie it back into a ponytail.

The simple ponytail look will keep you attentive during the workout and also let you work in peace.

Your hair won’t disturb during pushups or while squatting, giving you the freedom to move in all directions.


Braids aren’t only for women, black men have been rocking these braids since time immemorial, and the trend has not gone away.

It is probable that black men are worried about their fluffy hair and cannot decide how to set them during the workout.

Well, the man braids are the best option. It will give them the liberty to work freely, move in all directions and after an adrenaline filled workout they won’t have to wash away all the sweat profusely. A simple shower will do the trick.

Short is best

Ever thought that why Hugh Jackman could kill everyone without even having to move a single strand of his hair. Well, for starters they are short and chopped perfectly so that it doesn’t come into your eyes or you won’t have to set them again and again.

Next, you won’t need much brushing with this style, just wake up check it, and the next stop is the treadmill.

Man Bun

Another style for long hairs is the sporty man bun; tie it up if you dislike a ponytail or loose long hair while working out.

The sporty man bun gives an authentic workout look and is a new hairstyle for men. Added with a gym uniform and sling bag, there isn’t anything dapper than this.

Folded back hair

The pompadour look isn’t always a workout appropriate, is that what you believe. Well, perfection is what you require then.

Bulk up the long frontal hair to the back and hold it there with a product. The long tresses pushed back and pressed efficiently brings the older era and ensures that the past in still trendy.


Are you serious about your workout, yes then the textured spikes is the style to go for.

With your hair set straight up and cemented with a product rest assure that it won’t cause any trouble during your workout.

Make sure that the sides are trimmed and the upper hair shooting at the sky. Always look ready as ever with this look and tell everyone that you do not like being disturbed during the reps.

The Buzz cut

Short, kempt and tidy. These three words describe this hairstyle. Above all, you do not need to prep your hair every day for a workout.

This go to gym hairstyle works even better outside the gym and lets you feel light at the top.

The Hat Style

Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton, or a rapper’s hat choose any hat you want and cover everything.

A hat is the last resort for every gym enthusiast who doesn’t want to go for any styling and setting up the hair. Admire the hairstyle that you like and top it up with a hat.

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