What are Drop Sets? What Are The Benefits of Drop Sets?

Do you use drop sets in your training? What are..

What are Drop Sets? What Are The Benefits of Drop Sets?

Do you use drop sets in your training?

What are they?

Drop sets are another way to keep the muscle building party going after you hit that wall with any specific weight load.

When you are starting to wear out on a set with a particular weight. The amount of weight is (quickly) lowered so that you can continue for a few more reps.

Drop sets can be performed with machine weights, barbells, dumbbells, or cable pulley machines.

You will typically need 1-2 spotters to assist you in getting through a drop set workout. Particularly if you are using barbells.

With dumbbells and cable work you can get in the drop set changes on your own.

Benefits of Drop Sets

Drop sets allow you to push the muscles harder than with a regular set, and afford a deeper pump.

Drop sets are quite fatiguing to both the muscle and the mind, so you have to gear up before getting into one of these challenging workouts.

The upside is a strong boost in muscle growth.

A drop set is a form of shock style training so it should be employed cyclically, not constantly.

The most typical drop for a drop set is to go down three levels and call it good.

You are not trying to do marathon work with a drop set but simply increase the intensity and fatigue factor above what is typical.

Drop set training requires more input and preparation than most training styles. 

As well as more participation by others who know what they are doing.

However, the upside makes it a worthwhile training cycle to try out.

Over the course of a few drop set training cycles you will become quite adept at this style of training and can use it when you need to get in a burst of muscle growth.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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