Festive Fitness: Great Gifts For People Who Are Mad About Health

The festive season is fast approaching, and chances are you’ll..

Festive Fitness Great Gifts For People Who Are Mad About Health

Festive Fitness: Great Gifts For People Who Are Mad About Health

The festive season is fast approaching, and chances are you’ll be drawing up a list of the perfect gifts to give to friends and family. It’s always a smart move to choose based on people’s interests, and thankfully if you have a fitness buff on your list of recipients then there are lots of different directions you could go in. Here are the perfect festive fitness gifts to give this Christmas!

Personal training sessions

Whether the person is a complete beginner or is already a gym bunny, some sessions with a fitness trainer could help them to reach their goals. As well as giving advice for exercises and food choices based on their personal circumstances, a fitness trainer can really get them motivated.

It could be anything from one to ten sessions- or even more if you’re giving this as a ‘main gift’ to a close loved one. Most people will get fantastic benefits from going to the gym, and just using the equipment that they enjoy. But a personal trainer can help them to take things a step further.

Martial arts lessons

Martial arts makes for a fun and active hobby. It’s a great cardio workout, strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and boosts mood. Plus, on a practical level it teaches you to defend yourself should you ever need to.

If you’re looking for a fun, active hobby for a loved one then signing them up to some martial arts lessons could be a great choice. They might even decide to continue with the sport and keep on going, even after the gifted lessons have run out. Even if they don’t, it could be a fun addition to their routine for a while, the chance to try something new and meet new people.

Home gym equipment

You can find home gym equipment at all kinds of price points, so if you’re looking for a gift there’s sure to be something within your budget. If they already have a home gym, it could be something that they’re currently missing from it or have their eye on, anything from a stationary bike to a treadmill. Smaller items could be a weighted vest or hand weights.

A music subscription

This might not be directly linked with health, but something that most health fanatics will enjoy. A good playlist can make any gym workout, run or exercise that bit more pleasant. If they don’t already have one, a music subscription such as Amazon Unlimited or Spotify would allow them to listen to whatever they wanted, right from their phone. You could pay for three, six or even twelve months depending on what you wanted to spend.

Sportswear or accessories

Anyone that’s keen on exercising will be in need of sportswear. If you know their size, new sports clothes for the gym or for a sport they participate in will be a great, practical gift. Otherwise, accessories for their sport would also make sense, whether it’s a racket, golf clubs, a hockey stick, ice skates or whatever it is they currently like to do. Again, these kinds of things come at all price points so work well as gifts regardless of your budget.

For smaller items and stocking fillers, think golf tees, tennis balls, sweat bands and sports socks. They’re something that will always be needed and used, so you don’t risk buying a gift that’s just going to sit and collect dust.

An online course

If the person you’re gifting to has been considering taking their love of health to the next level, an online course could make a wonderful gift and really give them the boost they need to get started. It could be anything from personal training to nutrition to life coaching. If they’ve mentioned anything, or you know what their ambitions are then you could go ahead and book something that would work for them.

Online health courses can be done in a totally flexible way, from home and in their spare time. So ideal even if they have a full time job, they can pick it up and do bits here and there when they’ve got a free hour. There are all kinds of price points for these sort of things, if you’re going with a cheaper one you’ll want to check that it’s accredited if they will want to use it to move forward in their career.

Are you buying for a fitness buff this year? What will you be getting for them?

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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