Fitness Takes Time, But You Can Boost Results

When you embark on your fitness journey, your motivation is..

Fitness Takes Time

Fitness Takes Time, But You Can Boost Results

When you embark on your fitness journey, your motivation is like an inflated balloon.

If you fail to see rapid results, it can deflate until it is completely gone.

Unfortunately, no miracle potion can revive your lost motivation. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to maximise your results at the start of your journey.

Indeed, for newcomers to the world of fitness, the inspiration role-models at the gym can damage your spirit. Most people tend to compare themselves with their peers. Someone new to the gym could be intimidated by members who have already achieved their fitness goals.

The truth is that everybody has to start somewhere.

There is no denying that, for many, the decision to get fit begins in a place a low-confidence and self-esteem. You want to get fit because you’re unhappy with your current self. But by comparing yourself at your worst against others at their best. You’re unlikely to maintain your motivation.

Instead, focus on boosting your results to regain your confidence. 

Help your blood circulation

If you haven’t heard of hypoxi, you’ve been missing out on a smart vacuuming technology. Indeed, the hypoxi therapy is suitable for both genders and enables to target and reduce fat around the stomach, hips, and buttocks areas.

Entirely non-invasive, the treatment is designed to boost blood flow through the fat cells to boost elimination. Ultimately, the therapy can help to reshape your body. So that in 5 to 6 weeks you’re likely to have dropped one clothing size.

For anybody who wants quick results, hypoxi is an excellent starting point as you are more likely to embrace the gym if you are already mid-way through your fitness journey. 

Helpful supplements can make a difference

Taking supplements alongside your workout schedule can help to accelerate results.

For instance, you can boost your metabolism by maximising lean muscle gain. As the body burns more calories per muscle mass than fat mass.

Protein shakes have become a popular solution, but they can be rich in unhealthy sugar and fat – make sure to check the label! Alternatively, you can look for growth hormone supplements such as SARM mk 677 that improve vascularity and fat loss for lean body shape. You also want to add calcium to your diet as it is crucial to your energy metabolism and fat loss. 

Adjust your diet

Don’t fall into the sweet reward trap. Sugar can give you a temporary rush. But it clogs up your system and can put you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cancelling your efforts at the gym.

In other words, the chocolate bar after your workout is a no-no!

However, cutting out sugar is a long and painful process, as most of us are used to its yummy taste in drinks and food. Gradually replace soft drinks with natural juices and water.

Ideally, you should eat your fruit rather than drinking them – unless you have a juicer and can control the ingredients. Another necessary change is to modify your plate portions to increase your consumption of lean proteins and vegetables.

In a matter of weeks, you start noticing results. 

You are not going to get your dream body without putting some effort into your fitness routine.

However, speeding up results with improved vascularity around your fat cells and subtle diet transformations can help you to stay motivated and achieve your long-term fitness goals. 

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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