What Is The Best Full Body Workout For Muscle Gain?

What Is The Best Full Body Workout For Muscle Gain

People have been asking me this a lot now which is better full body or split routines i have decided to break it down into two posts!

Especially from beginners, about what type of routine to use.

Your mate told you to use a full body routine, but the muscle websites suggest a 4-day “weight lifting” split.

1. 4 Day Split | Day 1 | Back and Biceps Workout

2. 4 Day Split | Day 2 | Chest and Triceps Workout

3. 4 Day Split | Day 3 | Shoulders and Abs Workout

4. 4 Day Split | Day 4 | Complete Leg Workout

You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.

But there is so much information out there that sorting through what to do can be difficult.

Hopefully this will help a few of you out there.

Full Body routine:

I think that this is the best place for a novice/beginner to start.

I have lots of years experience in weight training, and have pretty much always used some form of split routine.

However, if I had it to do over again.

I would have started with a good full-body routine, built around strength lifts, done 3 times per week.

When you are just starting out you rarely have the muscular strength to work intensely enough.

Or with enough volume, to require as much recovery time as someone who is stronger or more experienced.

If you are a young person starting out, on top of that, you have very good recovery abilities due to you’re high hormone levels.

So, you recover relatively quickly after each workout, you want to train each muscle group more often to induce strength and growth.

Also if you’re a beginner/novice a full body workout will give you the best opportunity to learn and practice the basic lifts you will preforming when weight training: squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc.

Whether your goal is bodybuilding, strength endurance, sports, or just fitness, these are the basics you will need for the future routines!


  1. Monday: Full Body Workout
  2. Tuesday: off
  3. Wednesday: Full Body Workout
  4. Thursday: off
  5. Friday: Full Body Workout
  6. Saturday: off
  7. Sunday: off


While there is also a 2 day version of this split as well as other variations that schedule the workouts a little differently.

What you see above is by far the most commonly used version of the full body split.

It’s a higher frequency split that allows for each muscle group, movement pattern and/or exercise to be trained 3 times per week (or once every 2nd or 3rd day).

My Thoughts:

I believe it’s a really good idea to start with a full body routine.

And begin splitting only when you feel the need to increase your recovery or increase your volume.

If you stick with the concept that you’re trying to hit a muscle as often as you are able while still recovering adequately.

And let that be your guide, you’ll do fine.

Hopefully, this gives some idea to help you decide what type of routine you should use.

Ultimately, however, it’s worth saying that you can do fine with any well thought out program even if you begin with a split routine right from the beginning.