Goal Setting: Setting Short Term Goals

I am talking about setting short term goals whether its..

Goal Setting: Setting Short Term Goals

I am talking about setting short term goals whether its weight loss or setting that goal to achieve a 5 or 10km.

But this will need to be working towards your medium term and then your long term goals.

Now lets look at the secrets to setting a short term goal:

Secret #1: Grab a calendar.

Pick a short term, manageable 1 to 4 week period to set your goals in. Short term goals tend to get you into action right away, are easier to visualize, and because of their short term nature they encourage you to set realistic, easy to accomplish goals.

Secret #2: Pick just 2 or 3 goals to work with.

Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to change every area of your life. Just pick a couple of areas that you want to begin changing in the next few weeks or months.

Secret #3: The goals you pick don’t have to be fully accomplished in the time period you’ve identified.

This is the key! Rather, what you’re looking to do in the next 3 to 6 months is to simply develop momentum, establish a pattern, and begin getting you excited about your life again.

Great areas to set short term goals in are things like:

· Beginning or resuming an exercise routine and setting a goal to be so far along in the time frame you’ve set.

· Increasing your closing percentage by a reasonable amount.

· Having read or begun listening to a couple of books.

· Joined a dating site and begun dating again.

· Taking up or resuming a favorite hobby again.

I know of someone who had a goal of finding and developing a serious relationship, and his short term goal was simply to join a dating site and begin dating. Well, he did that, met someone in 2 weeks, and now 6 months later, they are engaged to be married! You see, even short term goals can change your life!

Secret #4: Write your goals down.

You’ve heard over and over again how much more effective goal setting is when you write your goals down. It’s totally true. Once you’ve identified your 2 or 3 goals, write down in detail what it is you want to accomplish, or what stage you want to be in at the end of the time period you’ve chosen.

Once you’ve done that, get a three by five card and write out an affirmation paragraph that describes in detail how you will feel once you’ve reached that goal. Keep it in the first person as if you’ve already accomplished that goal. Not: “I can’t wait to feel…” Rather: “It feels so good now that I’m…”

Secret #5: Make a list and start identify right now, today, what actions you can take to move you closer to your goals.

Can you join a gym? Buy new walking shoes? Make 10 more cold calls today? Fill out a profile on a dating site? Take your kids to the park tonight?

Make a list of actions you can take today and take them!

Do the same thing tomorrow and get in the habit of taking an action each day to move you closer to your long term goals.

Follow this 5-Step method of setting short term goals and I guarantee you that your life WILL change 1 to 4 weeks from now.

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