High Protein Breakfast Ideas: Easy Delicious Options

Always have breakfast, no matter where you are or how..

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

High Protein Breakfast Ideas: Easy Delicious Options

Always have breakfast, no matter where you are or how late you’re running.

A breakfast which is high in protein is always essential because a high protein breakfast will help regulate your blood sugar levels, reduce hunger cravings and even raise your energy levels.  

The reason breakfast is so important is that after a long night’s sleep, the body needs its daily intake of vitamins, minerals and other micro and macronutrients – all of which are present in a high protein breakfast.

So, here are some easy and delicious options for you to enjoy a high protein breakfast every single day.

1. Leftovers are always a good idea

Sometimes, you just don’t have time to make breakfast. Either you overslept, or you’re running late or you just can’t be bothered to cook so early in the morning. That’s when leftovers are your new best friends.


Leftovers on toast


If you have some leftover salmon from the night before, or you have store bought smoked salmon in your fridge, just use that as your main breakfast protein.

Salmon can be replaced with chicken or tuna too.  For added protein, defrost some peas and smash them on a toast and add the main protein on top.


Leftover porridge to the rescue


Now, leftover porridge no longer has to go to waste!  Whether you have a bowl lying from the day before or you made some extra porridge in the morning, it can all be used.

Depending on if you’re in the mood to eat pancakes, muffins or cookies for breakfast, you can use your baking skills to create something delicious using porridge.

Don’t forget to add some protein powder to make it a protein-rich breakfast.


A grilled sandwich


Do you have some cooked beef, maybe some smoked salmon or some roasted chicken ling in your fridge?

Chop up whatever you fancy, spread some butter on the bread, add a slice of cheese and start layering – bread, cheese, leftovers, repeat and then grill.

That’s a quick and easy way to make a unique grilled sandwich every morning.

2. Smoothie enriched with protein makes for a great breakfast

The best way to get your daily protein intake is by making a smoothie using protein powder. Now, you don’t have to drink your typical ‘protein shake’ to get your protein. All you’re going to need are the fruits and vegetables in your fridge along with some yoghurt and protein powder.


Berries and powder smoothie


You can add fruits like blueberries, raspberries and even strawberries along with a tablespoon full of protein powder and some low-fat yoghurt into a blender and voila, breakfast is ready.

You can even add green leafy vegetables like kale or spinach to make this healthy smoothie healthier.


Smoothie bowls


The most trending thing on Instagram in 2019 – in fact, this is the thing that London caterers and restaurants are mastering on their menus.

The 2 basic things you need for a smoothie bowl are bananas and either soya milk or almond milk. All you need to do is blend these 2 items with a spoonful of protein powder.

Then you add whatever ingredients you like as a topping – fruits, berries, coffee, almond butter, chia seeds, coconut flakes etc.

3. Prepare it, cook it, eat it

For those of you who actually like to cook and think that the best breakfast is a fresh breakfast, here are some easy yet delectable options that you can make in your own kitchen.


You can never go wrong with eggs


Eggs for breakfast is the best form of protein. So whether you like a fried egg on toast with some bacon, a cheese omelette, or even egg and avocado on toast, you can make it within minutes.

You can also experiment, maybe some scrambled eggs with quinoa or an egg Benedict with hollandaise sauce or even frittata!


Waffles and pancakes


Usually, waffles, crepes and pancakes are made with flour. But, you can substitute flour with bananas and peanut butter to make a very healthy and very high protein breakfast! After all, this is a breakfast that everyone is going to love.


Egg muffins


Think of these as muffins without sugar. The concept is simple – you whisk the eggs and add protein-rich ingredients like chicken, sausages, tofu or spinach (and whatever else you can think of), then you pour this mixture into muffin tins and let it bake.

They’re easy to make and easy to eat!

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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