How to Plan a Fit & Healthy Wedding

The special day is approaching. Everything is slowly getting set..

How to Plan a Fit & Healthy Wedding

How to Plan a Fit & Healthy Wedding

The special day is approaching.

Everything is slowly getting set in stone, the wedding gown is ready and – more importantly – you are ready, when the idea occurs: what about food?

Some of your guests might be vegetarian or vegan, some might prefer a certain type of food over another. And certainly none of them would like to leave your party feeling less healthy than when they came in.

There is no easy way to please everyone’s taste buds and eating habits and still keep it healthy. But we are going to give it our best shot!

Are you ready for the big day?

All this talk about food could make everyone hungry, but will you be physically ready for all the demands of your wedding day?

Remember that you will spend most of the time on your feet. Greeting guests and having a grand old time with your friends and family.

You don’t have to go all crazy in preparation and run a marathon (that part is optional), but you can do a lot just exercising at home.

Focus a little more on cardio, but your core muscles will need attention as well. And remember, this is something you can share with your future bride/husband to be.

Getting in the best shape of your lives for the best day of your lives and doing it together – an awesome bonding experience!

Beauty and the beholder

For many brides and grooms, being fit and losing that extra padding is a goal to achieve to look their best in the wedding pictures.

Why should they care less about the food served to their guests?

From Bagna Cauda dips to your cocktails selection – make it eye-popping.

Lime and lavender cocktails with some honey vodka and frozen blueberries for ice? Synesthesia of color and taste.

Strategize the appetizers

The lovable snack-like delicacies are a double-edged sword – small enough to not really make an impact on your eating. But tasty enough to keep you craving for more, until you can’t even make it to the main course.

If you would like to keep your guests interested in what comes next, approach the offer strategically.

Grilled or raw veggies with a bit of dip, some chicken skewers, shrimps or mozzarella should make up the majority, with stuffed things or pastry to be avoided.

Keep the guests light on their feet

In order for the party to keep going, you need people having fun. And what better way to do this than by keeping people glued to the dance floor?

To avoid seeing guests snoozing in corners after lunch, make sure the guests get enough protein. But do not overload them with carbs.

This especially goes for sweets. Instead of classic wedding cakes made of sugar and more sugar, go for variety.

There are many recipes out there that combine healthy with delicious, such as the wonderful black been brownies.

Let the food do the talking

Now, getting carried away in all this planning should be a calculated risk. If you are changing some of the components of the food to their healthier variant, there is no need to tell everyone about it.

Some people might frown at the first mention of “gluten free” or avocado-and-lime cheesecake.

Allow them to enjoy the food first and if you really can’t keep it to yourself, tell them – afterwards. In the end, if the food leaves them happy and light on their feet. They probably won’t think twice about the ingredients.

Lean on others

Organizing a wedding might start feeling overwhelming at some point. Luckily, there are experts for this kind of thing, professionals who do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Wedding planners are there for those who do not have the time or desire to go through all the little details.

Whether you’re running a tight ship personally or leaning on others, it might be best to leave the food to professionals.

The offer today is present around the globe, whether you’re looking for catering in Sydney, Australia or Juneau, Alaska.

Let them take care of the menu, with your input and your wedding will be remembered as the one where guests had great fun, great food and zero regrets on the next day.

Keep everyone hydrated

Yes, weddings are times when food and drinks are in (over)abundance. People like to indulge, and indulge they will.

To help them (and yourself), it is a good idea to keep plenty of water always handy. Infuse it with interesting combinations, such as mint, lemon and cucumber or strawberries and basil.

Experiment yourself or find interesting combinations of infused water recipes that people have already come up with.

You too should remember to drink enough water. Especially if your wedding day turns out to be a sunny and hot affair – which is great for the pictures but can take a toll on you.

Get off the bloat boat

There are two things that weddings offer in large quantities: alcohol and carbs (mostly sugars).

Guess what is everyone’s number one enemy that keeps them feel unhealthy and bloated?

The combination of the two is often the cause of our long hours of exercising going to waste. Sugar cravings are a real thing, but there are ways to fight it.

Remember the frozen berries as ice in your cocktail?

As they melt, you can eat them as well, and they are a tasty bit of nutrition that will keep your cravings to a minimum.

Throw in some Greek yogurt with your berries and fruit, and you and your guests can enjoy a healthy snack straight from the dessert table.

Don’t forget about yourself

Regardless whether you’ve worked hard to fit into that dress or suit or you are naturally fit, you still have to plan.

In order to feel your best (and avoid any potential feelings of regret), remember that indulging is fine in small quantities.

Never forget breakfast, as it is doubly important on your wedding day, which is bound to be physically (and emotionally) demanding.

The golden rule is to eat when the guests are eating, as it is a downtime of the ceremony anyway. And remember to have a great time, you deserved it!

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

We eat clean, are always motivated and helpout beginners in need. We sell guides on Cutting, Bulking and Muscle Building. Checkout our website!

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