How To Realistically Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How To Realistically Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Achieving your fitness goals can become a very important anchor for the rest of your life. The feeling of succeeding in this can help direct our motivation throughout the rest of our lives.

Getting fitter and stronger helps us bring more enthusiasm to other matters of our life, and can genuinely help us become our best selves.

If you’re able bodied, you can exercise, provided there aren’t any small considerations preventing you from doing so.

People often think of themselves in a category, either ‘in shape’ or ‘not in shape.’ It’s easy to think that people who are in shape share a different personality wiring to you, and that it comes easier to them. Not so.

You can become your fittest self if you try, and the amazing thing is that when you start to achieve your small, humble goals, you begin to realize this slowly. You deserve to see your fit self.

As mentioned previously, small goals can help us develop incredibly well in our fitness life.

Here are some to use as an example, tailored to the mindset of someone just starting out:


Chin ups are fantastic starter exercise and require little equipment.

A solid fixed bar that you can support your weight on can be found in any outdoor park, and in any gym.

You can also purchase door fittings that work the most appropriately in your home and apartment. Chin ups work the biceps, triceps, forearms, lats, core and pectorals.

Learn how to do a chin-up, and you’ll be implementing this in all of your workouts from now on.

They are more effective than bicep curls for building the coveted ‘guns’ you may be interested in.

We’d recommend aiming for ten as your first goal depending on your weight, as this can help serve as a functional compound exercise to help your other lifts.

Range Of Motion & Form

Range of motion is essential to learn correctly, as well as near-perfect form. It’s best to conduct exercises perfectly with less weight than it is to cheat your way to a more impressive statistic.

We’d recommend falling in love with each exercise and perfecting your physical perception (not just looking at what the mirror teaches you,) as this can help you build the most solid foundation for your lifting abilities in the long-term.

With competent range of motion and a careful approach to adorning your workout schedule with new lifts, you become engrossed in the investment you have made, and exercise/training becomes more of a real passion than a simple chore to be carried out.

In other words, get good at your hobby, get good at the safety requirements and respect your functional form, and you’re sure to make this a hobby you feel true competence at, helping you develop better for longer.

With these simple tips, realistically achieving your fitness goals is sure to become something you are intimate with, rather than hopping in and out of your gym schedules repeatedly.