Is It Possible To Lose Weight On The Keto Diet Plan?

Every person that has been through a process of dieting..

Keto Diet Plan

Is It Possible To Lose Weight On The Keto Diet Plan?

Every person that has been through a process of dieting and positive changes knows how rewarding discipline can be.

Suddenly you see your reflection in the mirror and get all the satisfaction you thought you would lack from restricting yourself from the food delights.

You see, the greatest pleasures in life come when you practice patience and discipline.

Well, I hope this is motivational enough, guessing you are here because you were planning to start your keto dieting.

Moreover, wanting to get in a good shape for the summer can also be very beneficial for your overall health, if you boost your ketone bodies as an energy supplier.

Wow, what does that mean?

Well, getting into ketosis is not simple or easy, so don’t jump to it if you haven’t made good researches on the subject.

Every major change, especially a diet you are about to introduce your body to. Will affect its functioning and health in certain ways.

Therefore, getting the proper information on the subject will improve your results and help you avoid the unwanted side effects that may occur if you are not aware enough.

Before introducing some healthy ways to approach ketosis, let’s look at what this term means and what processes define the keto dieting.

What is Ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic process in which the fats that are stored in the body, are released from the fat cells into the blood as free fatty acids.

These fatty acids are converted into ketones or ketone bodies that are used as an energy supplier for the body.

Moreover, this happens during periods of low food intake and low-carbohydrate diet such as the keto diet.

As mentioned before, keto diet is a carbohydrates restrictive diet that relies on ketone produced energy.

Therefore, the increment of the production of ketone bodies occurs when insulin levels in the blood are low. Hence, when restricting carbohydrates as sugars, bread, pasta.

The carbohydrates contained in the food are converted into glucose, which is then transported as body fuel.

However, if the diet is low in carbohydrates, your body will start converting stored fat into ketone bodies and use them as an energy source.

Furthermore, the ketone bodies pass into the brain and the body, replacing the glucose as an energy source.

Reduce your Daily Carb intake

Restricting carbohydrate intake is the first step to achieving ketosis.

There are two ways to start with the keto diet from this point; the gradual reductions of the carb reach food or instant cessation of the daily intake of carbohydrates.

Some people find it more convenient to let their metabolism adjust to the change by slowly cutting carbohydrates from their daily diet.

Moreover, this is a safe and healthier way to get into keto dieting.

Cutting carbs out of your diet right away, may shock your body and result in migraines, energy deficiency and insomnia.

These symptoms may be the reason for some people to give up on their diet within the first weeks. Therefore, remember to be patient and take small steps to achieve great goals.

Using the ketosis process by cutting on your daily carbs intake. Leads to breaking down the fat that is stored in your body. Moreover, this directly results in losing weight.

Get Yourself some healthy Supplements

When we are about to implement a diet or an alternative lifestyle in our everyday lives. We are often faced with many challenges.

They are caused mostly by the hectic living conditions we are adjusted to. Resulting in consuming fast food, lots of refined sugars and processed foods, all of them high in carbohydrates.

This is where supplements make great companions. Jumping into ketosis can bring some side effects and difficulties when you don’t have the time to eat properly.

Moreover, many people that practice keto and exercise, usually go with creatine, exogenous ketones, and BHB supplements. 

Therefore, if you really want to invest in your keto diet and get good results you can get all ketone supplements from high-quality, all-natural ingredients keto shake.

It is also recommended to use magnesium, MCT oil, Omega 3- fatty acids, Vitamin D and probiotics.

Increase the Daily Protein intake

One of the most important aspects of the keto dieting is adequate protein intake. Protein is the main component of many body parts, including tissues, muscles, skin.

Daily intake of protein helps the body to built and repair.

In the case of supplying the body with energy, protein is a great source of amino acids. These amino acids are used by the liver in producing the glucose you lack from carbohydrate restriction.

Moreover, glucose is important because some brain cells, red blood cells and kidneys are not able to use ketones as fuel.

Eating a good protein source in every meal will ease the process of cutting down carbs, it will significantly lower your cravings and make you feel full for a longer period of time.

The low-carb diet with a well-balanced protein intake has proven themselves to be successful in maintaining healthy keto dieting and achieving great results.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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