It’s All About The Gains

It's All About The Gains

This is all you seem to hear males and females talking about at the minute. Don’t think that just because we’re talking about the gains, that it doesn’t apply to all of the females out there reading this now, because it most definitely does.

Both genders are now so focused on sculpting their bodies in different ways. Women might be more about getting that toned and sleek look, whereas men are all about the bulky definition.

We think either one is great because it shows that so many people are getting into their fitness, and having a more in depth understanding about what it takes to have the perfect body, and how our bodies work.

So, if you’re about to be all about the gains, then you’re in the right place. We know what it takes to maximise those gains you’re hunting for, so have a read on, and start to change your body for the better.

Overloads & Surplussing

This is what it is all about. If you do both of these, you’re pretty much guaranteed to make those gains that you’ll be so desperate for. Progressive overloading is the first thing that you need to know about.

This is where you’re doing the maximum that your muscles can take, and overloading them every time. So if you’re doing your reps and you can comfortably keep going through all of your sets, you’re not doing it right.

You have to push your limit higher in order to overload your muscles. They will then tear, heal, and remember power used last time. You’ll then be able to slowly go up and up until you’re lifting more than you’ve ever had to before.

Surplussing is the one that most of you might find pretty easy. It’s eating more than your body is using during a day.

For some of you it might be more than others depending on job and metabolism. There are plenty of calculators online that will tell you how much you need to eat for your BMI, and then you have to add 500 calories to it.

Don’t just eat rubbish however, focus on the lean meats, veg, fruits, and wholesome foods.

You’ve Got To Supplement

Supplementing your diet is just so important if you want to make the right amount of progression.

Your muscles need a little something more sometimes to repair quicker, and grow stronger. Laxogenin is one proven supplement that can help do just that, as well as enhance your performance. But there are so many more out there that you need to be taking, especially protein powder.

Protein is the main source of food for your muscles when they’re trying to grow!

You’ve Got To Keep It varied

If you want to make those gains quickly, you’re going to have to keep your workouts varied. On one day, work two areas such as lower back and abs. The next do upper back and chest. The next do legs. Switch between those body areas, and you’ll keep your gains equal along the way.

The last thing you want to do is focus all on upper body and ignore the legs like some people do!