It’s Never Too Late: You Can Still Make Fitness Your 2019 Resolution

Okay, so Christmas is a distant memory, and January has..

It's Never Too Late You Can Still Make Fitness Your 2019 Resolution

It’s Never Too Late: You Can Still Make Fitness Your 2019 Resolution

Okay, so Christmas is a distant memory, and January has (finally) disappeared; however, it’s still very much the beginning of the year, and there’s still plenty of time to make positive changes for a happy and healthy 2019 ahead.

Like many people, you might just want to build inner strength and feel better so that you’re not out of breathe every time you go up the stairs.

If a little fear has been holding you back, don’t let it; there are plenty of ways to improve your fitness, and an array of resources and help out there who are keen to assist others in bettering their lifestyle.

Remember that your focus should be a happier and healthier year ahead; that should be enough to remove unrealistic goals and too much pressure.

The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who are ready to make some positive changes regarding their fitness and strength, even if they’re a little late for a new year’s resolution.

Professional Help

You’re already on the right blog if you’re looking for help and advice from those who want to share what they know. However, there’s nothing quite like human interaction when t comes to discussing and carrying out your health and exercise journey.

Whether you head towards a gym setting for advise, or choose to work with a personal trainer regularly; it’s worth figuring out where to get the right help for you and your life. It’s worth looking at sites like The Gym Advisors so that you can do your research and get some honest reviews on workout venues and potential trainers.

Professionals are always keen to help those who are willing to put a little effort in, so take a deep breath, and head into that gym as soon as you can.

A Little Help From Your Friends

They do say that teamwork makes the dream work, and this definitely rings true for those who are looking to improve their health and fitness.

Finding friends and family to go on your fitness journey with you, is the ideal way to feel encouraged, and gain plenty of motivation to keep up the hard work.

Therefore, whether you start with a jog around your park twice a week, or discover that you chat (and run) best on the treadmill in the gym; make it social.

Join a friend as they go to work out, invite one or two to go along with you; you can also make friends through fitness. Perhaps you want to join a group or a team so that you get plenty of the social side of things in life, as well as improved health this year.

Keep It Fun

You’re totally allowed to try a variety of things, especially if something doesn’t make you feel great or you dread it every week.

The best way to keep up with your fitness goals is to ensure that you keep the fun element alive, it’s always easier to head out for fun (especially in this weather), isn’t it?

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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