Killer Leg Workout for Women

Ladies welcome!

Today we have a great new killer leg workout for women its time to take you’re leg workouts to a new level and get some GAINZ!

The two main things ladies want is a big BUTT and some great looking legs and this workout will give you both jam packed with tons of sets and exercises this will test you from the first exercise to the last!


Build Muscle
Single Muscle Group
Barbell, Dumbbells, Machines

Workout Description:

This killer leg workout has total of 17 sets and 6 exercises. The muscle groups that are worked are Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves. Also as a beginner you will need to preform this once a week to allow for recovery.

Use these tips:

  • Warm up 5 mins on the treadmill or 1 – 2 warm up sets of the first exercise to save injury.
  • Use the correct form! Watch the video above to learn each exercise or click on each exercise below
  • After 6 weeks move on to a new leg workout program.


Killer Leg Workout:
Leg Extension312
Superset – Leg Curl + Dumbbell Walking Lunge 312
Stiffed Leg Deadlift312
Barbell Hip Thrust312
Standing Calf Raises512

NOTE: If you cannot see the full workout turn your phone or tablet to the side.