Losing Weight After Pregnancy: Diet, Exercise & Other Methods

Without a doubt, children are a blessing. Pregnancy may seem..

Losing Weight After Pregnancy Diet, Exercise & Other Methods

Losing Weight After Pregnancy: Diet, Exercise & Other Methods

Without a doubt, children are a blessing. Pregnancy may seem like the hardest part, but the real challenges start later.

That doesn’t just mean raising your child, but also managing your time correctly and still doing things for yourself.

One of the first challenges a new mum faces is definitely losing weight after the pregnancy.

It’s rather simple, losing the baby weight makes you healthier and happier, and gives you more energy to take care of your little one. It’s not always an easy road, but it’s a necessary one.

1.  Ease into it

The recipe for success is to eat better and exercise more. That’s why a lot of people think they should jump right into it after pregnancy, but the matter of the fact is, your body is exhausted.

Give it time to heal. Now, that doesn’t mean you should just stop doing everything all together. Simply ease into exercising.

This is an important step for not getting any injuries along the way and keeping your body safe. Straight with light exercises.

Even walks count, so if it’s a nice day out, put your baby in the stroller and take it on a long walk around the neighbourhood.

The point of this step is to get your body used to being active again. Don’t worry, even the fittest mums have trouble getting back into it.

2. Incorporate breastfeeding

Combining breastfeeding with your exercise and diet can be a sure winner. Breastfeeding is a comfortable activity that makes you lose around 300 calories.

You’ll be needing more food if you’re breastfeeding, too. Don’t eat just whatever, take the time to pick out the food that’s good for you and your baby.

You should choose things high in fibre and always have healthy snacks around the house. Breastfeeding can also help by  giving you a little motivation.

Since you’re already losing those calories by sitting and feeding your child, why not start exercising a little afterwards, as well?

If you keep it simple but steady, you’ll be losing more weight in no time.

3. Exercise regularly

Having a fixed workout schedule helps a great deal in losing weight. Once you build up your baby’s daily routine, it’s time to start working on yours.

Take some time to exercise at home while the baby’s napping, for example. There are a lot of tutorials online for new mothers.

You could also join a class at the local gym.

Another option is to exercise with your baby. This is easier if you have a child that’s already walking.

You’d be surprised how many calories you burn just by running around and playing together. Plus, it’s great bonding time.

4. Don’t crash diet

A common mistake new mothers make is starting a strict diet so as to lose the weight. This is bad for several reasons.

First off, your body needs the food to heal properly. Second, if you’re breastfeeding, crash diets influence the quality of your milk. Finally, the weight will come back as soon as you stop the diet.

Instead of this, feed your metabolism. Switch to a healthier way of eating. That means more fibre, fruits and vegetables, and an increased protein intake.

To maximize your efforts, you can get the organic protein powder or buy organic locally grown produce.

This way you’ll be losing weight steadily while giving your body sufficient nutrients.

5. Consider other options

Even though exercise and dieting are one of the best ways to lose weight, there are also some other approaches you can try.

Some people just don’t have the time, energy, or nerves for a long-term effort. This is why weight loss surgery is also an option.

If you don’t want surgery, you can scope out non-intrusive methods.

Medicine has progressed greatly, so there are a lot of new treatments to choose from, like  CoolSculpting, TruSculpt and many more.

If a medical procedure is something that interests you, you should head down to your doctor’s office and get his input on your health first.


As you can see, there is more than one way of approaching excessive weight after pregnancy.

Each individual can find a system that works best for them because the important thing is the result. Of course, the key ingredient to your success needs to be motivation.

In times of crisis and low motivation, remember that you’re doing this for the good of your child too. A happy and healthy mother equals a happy and healthy baby.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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