My Gym, My Rules: How to Create Your Own Home Fitness Studio

Anyone who has ever hit the gym knows of the..

My Gym My Rules How to Create Your Own Home Fitness Studio

My Gym, My Rules: How to Create Your Own Home Fitness Studio

Anyone who has ever hit the gym knows of the hardships of working alongside other people. There are all kinds of freaks that like to yell, act aggressively or leave the machines soaked with their sweat.

Since exercising is as much about physical fitness, as it is about mental focus, there isn’t a single gym-goer who hasn’t fantasized about working out alone.

However, most people abandon this thought because they wrongly believe that setting up a personal fitness studio in their home is far too complex and expensive.

Yes, the process is not without its hitches but the benefits of owning a home gym far exceed the costs and the hustle.

There are simple guidelines on how to go about creating your very own home fitness studio in which you will be the one setting the rules!

Finding the right space for the gym

Contrary to popular belief, a home fitness studio doesn’t need to be located inside the basement. People like this area because they usually have extra space down there and it is soundproof so it ideally suits the needs of a gym.

However, if you are not a fan of spending time in damp places underground, there are other rooms in the house that can be used for housing a gym.

Of course, rooms such as the bathroom or the bedroom are either too small in size or their main purpose is the exact opposite of the gym’s, respectively.

That is why the living room can serve as an excellent location for a home gym.

Creating the right ambiance

Like commercial ones, a home gym is more than a set of machines and props you use to build your muscle mass. The overall ambiance of the place you exercise in has to be just right.

Close the blinds, open the windows to let the fresh air in, and put on some workout music. These are just some of the methods that will get you in the right mood for body exercise.

There is no need to use the headphones as you are alone in your home and nobody will mind if you don’t clean the machines immediately after finishing the set.

Another plus of a home gym is the fact that you can wear whatever you like while exercising!

Furnishing the gym

Another advantage of setting up your own home gym is the fact that you will invest only in the equipment you need. Gym memberships include fees for all kinds of stuff that you really do not need, like a boxing bag.

Your gym will be equipped with the utilities you require for your training program.

You can reuse some old fitness mats or you can convert pieces of furniture into exercise machines.

Of course, some things will have to be purchased, like press machines that are made by companies such as CyberFit that are suitable for home use and that are easily installed.

Whether you get a chest or a bench press is entirely up to your fitness preferences.

Fitting the gym inside the desired room

We discussed how the living room is ideal for setting up the gym but can it really fit into the room that has other purposes as well?

If you are going to be lifting weights, then there exists a high probability that you will hit something, like the chandelier or even worse, knock over the TV or the fish tank.

Also, there is the issue of safety if you don’t live alone. Will your family members be safe passing through the room while you are exercising?

In order not to worry about such things, the place in the living room, or any other room for that matter, designated for the gym should be clearly marked and cleared of anything breakable or valuable.

It can be marked by a bright color tatami and you should be able to freely swing your open arms without hitting anything.

Sharing the maintenance cost

If you live in a residential area that has limited assess to gyms and fitness studios, then you could be looking at a small profit.

We are not talking about running a gym in the grey area but essentially, if you create a good fitness studio, other people will want not only to see it but use it as well.

At first, this will be family and friends but later on, neighbors might want to use your home gym if it’s located in a communal room within the estate, for instance.

You are definitely not going to charge them a fee but they could pitch in now and then when a repair is needed.

These are just some of the many benefits of owning a home fitness studio. Endeavor to build one in order to set out the rules yourself.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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