New Fitness Trends You Have to Try If You Want to Get Fit

People today pay huge sums of money for untested miracle..

New Fitness Trends You Have to Try If You Want to Get Fit

People today pay huge sums of money for untested miracle drugs or expensive and painful cosmetic surgeries in order to look fit.

Most of the time, these treatments and potions either have no effect or have an effect that disappears unless you watch your diet and most of all, work out!

So, don’t spend your hard-earned money on something that might work, when you can go for something that works 100%.

Here are some new and effective fitness trends you have to try this year.

Jump in!

When you say “water workout”, many people imagine a pool full of seniors doing simple exercises in the shallows.

But, once you try this type of water workout, you’ll forget you ever made fun of it. There’s a new trend out there that involves a serious HIIT water workout that’s super effective and shows amazing results.

It combines timed springs, swimming lengths that isolate your muscles, and aquajogging. Some classes even perform some out-of-the-pool workouts such as planks and wall sits.

Swimming has amazing physical benefits. It improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance, builds muscles and burns fat.

Another great thing is that people of all ages and fitness levels can join these classes and reap these benefits.

Get your heart rate up

If you’re a gadget freak, then you’ll love this new trend of heart-rate training.

This type of workout is all about finding and reaching an ideal heart-rate zone for your body to burn fat and build muscles.

In these classes, you’ll get strapped to a heart monitor and reach and maintain your heart-rate zone with treadmills, TRX suspension bands, rowing machines and weights.

Once the class is over, your metabolism will be so shocked that you’ll keep burning calories even after the workout.

Zen out

This year, you’ve probably heard so much about mindfulness and the mind-body connection.

So, if you want to try it out and still get a serious workout, this is the right time for you to join a class that combines yoga or pilates with high-intensity interval training.

Many mainstream fitness clubs today have classes that combine meditative movements with high-intensity fat-burning sessions. Some even practice relaxing while doing Aerial Yoga.

A new spin on cycling

Every average gym goer is familiar with classic spin classes, but there are new trends in cycling that provide a full-body workout while pedaling.

Classes usually incorporate arm exercises with light weights (the goal is usually to achieve high reps) or resistance bands. These exercises will tone your arms, back, chest and abs while still hitting your legs pretty hard.

Also, e bicycles are becoming more and more popular among the people who can’t spin and lift weights for a whole hour.

A great way to start cycling and get into shape is an electric bike because every time you need some help, the bike’s motor will give you a hand. Try a Bosch eBike that can give you a much-needed push to conquer that hill.

Electric bikes are also great for people who need sports rehab because it allows them to exercise without putting too much strain on their muscles and joints.

This means they can safely get back into shape at their own pace and gradually rebuild their strength and stamina.

Smart recovery

Working out isn’t the only fitness area that’s getting a makeover.

More and more people opt for recovery treatments such as cryotherapy and infrared saunas to improve blood flow in their muscles. Reduce post-workout soreness and even prevent injuries or accelerate healing.

Besides cryo and infrared saunas, you can try light therapy, compression therapy, acupressure and many more recovery options.

For instance, NovoTHOR uses different light wavelengths, power densities and dosages to redevelop muscles and restore motion to joints.

Many gyms also invest in better massage programs with deep-tissue massages, stretches, acupressure and compression aid to relieve muscle aches and tension.

Every year, new fitness trends emerge, and there’s no indication they will stop coming.

It’s because people yearn to give up their sedentary lives and get back to feeling and looking great with workouts that are high-intensity but fun and dynamic.

Also, the market for post-workout and injury recovery is getting bigger and treatments more efficient.

So, no matter what your goals and fitness levels are, find a class you like and get moving.

Daniel Messer, RNutr, CPT

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