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Who Are We? Hello, Started in April 2014, Wolvesfitness was created..

Who Are We?


Started in April 2014, Wolvesfitness was created with a single goal in mind – to provide a common sense approach to helping others achieve their fitness lifestyle goals.

I am Dan, I have been dedicated to weight training in and out of gyms, and have a vast knowledge of over 10 years. This combined knowledge has allowed me to see and help many people achieve great transformations!

I have a passion for nutrition management and weight training/bodybuilding. This shows in my blog posts and website. I have a full time job sometimes working 11 hours a day, so i know the struggle of preparing meals and maintaining a lean body. Also getting in 5-6 gym sessions a week, i am living this day in day out not sitting behind a desk like many big fitness Superstars.

My big passion is training for strength and trying to achieve those aesthetic looks. Everyone dreams it, only a few will achieve it so lets see where this journey takes me…… Thank you too all that follows…..

 Why Did We Set Up Wolvesfitness?

I decided to set up “Wolvesfitness” so that i could pass my passion onto you guys and girls, and show you the diet tips and training tips i have picked up along the way to help you all out.

I have a passion for eating clean also eating a lot of fresh foods daily, i do not take any hormone enhancers or any type of steroid nor would i encourage it. I have managed to avoid these types of products and still achieved the body i wanted! Without the illegal help!

I believe that supplements are a small area in creating the perfect body; I believe that the diet can bulk, cut, or maintain your body weight without going mad on added supplements. But if i am ever having a hectic 11 hour work day then i may sneak the odd protein shake in there to fulfill our macro requirements for that day!

We are not claiming to have the “quick solution” each one of our guides will require 100% commitment to complete! There will be tough and testing times, as with most of the guides out there but if you have the will power and dedication you will have great successes. You will need to follow each guide exactly how they have been set out to achieve the best results, whether its the diet or the workout. Our Philosophy is shown in all of our guides so that you can see our passion and great training programs.

Choose an expert!

Dan has gained some much needed qualifications to give you the best nutrition and training advice! He is now a:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Registered Diet Nutritionist


Everything about it is dedicated to accomplishing one single goal – helping you end your weight loss struggle.

We wish you all the best on achieving all the goals you have set out for yourself! Good luck from all of us at Wolvesfitness happy training!

Success starts with a vision. This is Wolvesfitness.

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      Dan (@proff1234)

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