Annihilation Bundle


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This is the annihilation bundle when purchasing you will receive 6 awesome guide from legs to shoulders this bundle will have all of your needs covered.

You will see fantastic results from each one of these guides, you can combine two of these guides to create great split routines in your workouts.

What does each guide contain?

  • 12 weeks worth of workout routines with 6 different exercise in each workout routine,
    It will have detailed pictures on how best to preform each exercise, and
  • Will also have a detailed description on how to achieve that ripped aesthetic physique.
  • There will be a free training log!

Some great free workout advise as well as what tempo to train at, how to perform the correct “form” so you will see the best results from you’re workout, secrets on reps and much more interesting info!

This is available to download like all our guides in digital format! “ebook”.

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